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Is Trevor going to appear in Grand Theft Auto 6?

Trevor Philips is as controversial among critics as he is popular among fans.

Rockstar Games has a long history of using misleading and playful marketing tactics when it's promoting its games to create buzz among fans. From fake websites to phone numbers as well as cryptic messages and images, Rockstar has mastered the art of trolling.

So, the recent hits and rumors about Trevor's role in GTA 6 might be another example of the company's playful strategy.

Trevor's voice actor and likeness, Steven Ogg, was recently interviewed and asked if he'll be in GTA 6.

As expected, Ogg didn't give a straight answer, which many presume is because of a tight NDA that he has signed with Rockstar Games.

Most likely, Rockstar will just add posters of Trevor in GTA 6 about how he committed some sort of crime.

Nevertheless, fan reactions to Trevor's potential comeback are mixed. While some are more welcoming of the idea of seeing the fan-favorite protagonist again, others prefer the fresher approach to GTA 6.

But, for what it's worth, Rockstar has never really brought back any previous characters outside of occasional cameos and minor involvements.

If Trevor does appear in GTA 6, which will reportedly take place in the 2020s, he might not even be referenced by name at all.

The stakes are high for Rockstar to deliver a successful and profitable new GTA entry, given the massive expectations and competition in the gaming industry. Therefore, the company is right to carefully manage the information surrounding GTA 6.

If nothing else, all these talks about GTA 6, including Ogg's recent interview, could be a part of Rockstar's way to maintain the hype surrounding the upcoming game.

Trevor and the rest of the GTA V protagonists could be mentioned, even if not by name, in GTA 6.

As the release date for GTA 6 remains uncertain, expect to see the teases and speculation about the game continue, which will fuel both excitement and anxiety among fans.

For now, you can check out the latest update for GTA Online and our complete compilation of all known GTA 6 information here.


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