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How To Get The Perico Pistol & The Combat Shotgun (All Locations) - Cayo Perico Heist

There are two brand new, exclusive weapons added in GTA Online as part of the Cayo Perico heist update. These weapons require a bit of work before you can get your hands on them though. The RNG (Random Number Generator) nature of the Cayo Perico update extends far beyond just the scope out of the island. Finding these weapons is also RNG-dependent.

The two weapons are the new Perico Pistol and a Combat Shotgun. You can find both these weapons during the Cayo Perico heist finale. Once you've found them in the heist finale, you will get to keep the Perico Pistol for free, but you'll have to purchase the Combat Shotgun from the Ammu-Nation.

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Perico Pistol

For the Perico Pistol, you need to acquire a 'Small Key' obtainable only through a random event that triggers only at certain locations. In this guide, we will show all the possible event locations. In this random event, you will come across a passed out guard. You can interact with him to search him for the 'Small Key.'

The key is used in El Rubio's office during the Cayo Perico heist finale to obtain the pistol. Once you acquire the weapon once, it will be available to purchase at the nearest Ammu-Nation.

Random Event Locations

You will see a blue dot appear at the locations shown below indicating a random event, just like any other random event in GTA Online.

Random Event Location 1

Random Event Location 2

Random Event Location 3

Random Event Location 4

Random Event Location 5

Random Event Location 6

Random Event Location 7

Random Event Location 8

Acquiring the Perico Pistol

Once you have the small key from the passed out guard, you will need to use it on the locked drawer in El Rubio's office during the Cayo Perico heist finale.

Open it up using the small key, and you will obtain the gold Perico Pistol.

You can later purchase the ammo for the Perico Pistol from any one of the nearest Ammu-Nation. The pistol remains with you once you acquire it from the office.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun is a powerful shotgun you can find in a random spot inside El Rubio's compound during the Cayo Perico heist finale. There is a fixed number of locations, but the shotgun can only spawn at one location randomly.

Combat Shotgun Locations

There are no major requirements for this shotgun. You need to go to specific locations, which we have covered below. And you should find the combat shotgun at one of the mentioned locations.

Remember that the shotgun is always leaning against an object such as a table, chair, fountain, flowerpot, tree, railing, wooden pillar, etc.

Combat Shotgun Location 1

The shotgun will be leaning against the railing.

Combat Shotgun Location 2

The shotgun will be leaning against the fountain.

Combat Shotgun Location 3

The shotgun will be leaning against the railing overlooking the sea.

Combat Shotgun Location 4

It will be leaning against the fountain.

Combat Shotgun Location 5

The shotgun will be leaning against the big central flower pot.

Combat Shotgun Location 6

The shotgun will be leaning against the wooden table with some flower pots on it.

Combat Shotgun Location 7

The same goes for this location. The shotgun will be leaning against one of the tables in this room.

Combat Shotgun Location 8

You can find the shotgun leaning against the central tree in the maze located at the compound's top right corner.

Combat Shotgun Location 9

The shotgun will be resting by the pool shade's wooden pillar at the main swimming pool area by the resting chairs.

Acquiring the Combat Shotgun

Once you've found the shotgun, pick it up, and it will be available for purchase at the Ammu-Nation.

The Combat Shotgun will not be in your inventory for free like the Perico Pistol. You will have to go to the Ammu-Nation and purchase it for GTA$295,000.

General Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you get these weapons fast.

  • Go to any one of the random event spawn locations for the Perico Pistol, and set that location as your spawn point. This can be done by going to your interaction menu and setting the spawn location as 'Last Location.' Now, keep changing sessions until you get a blue dot pop up on your mini-map representing the passed out guard.
  • If you have no luck finding the Combat Shotgun in any one of the locations, then try doing the heist at Nighttime (if, of course, you tried to look for it during daytime heist). For some reason, the spawn rate for the Combat Shotgun is higher during Night time. Even we found the Combat Shotgun during Night time after several tries during Day time heist.


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