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GTA V Loading Screen Timewasters

Depending on your system, GTA V can have some pretty darn long load times. Usually developers try and make these bearable by putting a pretty picture on the screen along with a few game tips. If the devs are in a good mood maybe the tips cycle after a few seconds. And if the devs are being particularly generous they'll let you interact with the loading screen, like in Skyrim for example.

In GTA V we only have the background pictures and the tips which can get quite boring after a while. So what should a gamer do when faced with a several-minute-long loading screen?


A simple method is to switch up the loading screens. Granted, this is only possible on PC. There are a few mods out there which change the backgrounds of the loading screens either to other images from GTA V or to something completely different. It's up to you how... deviant you want to get.

Of course if you're on console but have a smartphone or laptop on hand and are stuck on a loading screen, there is the entirety of the internet to provide you with momentary entertainment.

You could always fill out a GTA V personality quiz to find out which of the three horrible humans beings that are the center of the story you resemble the most.

You could also fill out GTA V related knowledge quizzes like this one. Granted, it is a tad dated but some of those things you'll only know if you played enough. It's a decent time-waster for sure.


If you've exhausted the internet's massive supply of quizzes you could always learn something while you're at it. The GTA wiki contains a wealth of useful info that could help you out once the game has loaded.

What do you guys usually do while GTA V loads?

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