GTA V Mod Turns You Into A Paranormal Detective

GTA V's map is massive, detailed and filled to the brim with stuff to do, explore and discover. Countless easter eggs have been found over the years and several mysteries still remain unsolved. The PEDs interact with one another, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies everywhere with a unique hallmark, there are animals prowling the wild - the world is alive and vibrant.


Now, obviously there is more to GTA V than just the map - there's the award winning storyline, a massive number of missions to play, all sorts of side-activities, heaps of cars to steal and so forth. However, some players enjoy hunting for easter eggs and other secrets the most, or they've already gone through all of the vanilla content.


So what can an aspiring treasure-hunter do in-game? Well, there is always the Mt. Chiliad Mystery to sink your teeth into, however considering that investigations in that venue more often take you to the game files and code rather than the countryside, plus any meaningful progress is only really achieved every few months, it may not be the most attractive choice.


Well, fret not, as mods have you covered. We're not speaking of a whole wealth of mods that add all kinds of new gameplay mechanics to kill time with. No, no, we're speaking of something to scratch that treasure hunting itch of yours.

We're speaking of State_of_Mind's Hidden Occurrences mod that adds 13 new secret creatures and people to find across the map. Some of these encounters will just be creepy, while others will be actually dangerous. There are some crime scenes, crime scenes waiting to happen and some odd animals thrown into the mix.

Now, the author hasn't provided a map or any hints, since that would kind of ruin the whole thing, however giving players the number of encounters added to GTA V by this mod allows you to track progress - and who knows, maybe while hunting for these easter eggs, you'll encounter some undiscovered secret that Rockstar left in the game.

This is also a pretty sweet mod for starting players. Most people tend to prefer playing through a game without mods first, however, this one is actually prime for first time players. It doesn't interfere with Rockstar's vision for progression and gameplay, however it does add some neat scavenger hunting content to the game for you enthusiasts out there.

Have you found all 13 new easter eggs this mod adds to GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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