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GTA Online Hao's Special Works Guide

Gta Online Hao

Hao's Special Works marks the first piece of Grand Theft Auto Online content to be only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, thanks to the release of Expanded and Enhanced. It isn't a massive update, but does pack some fun features into the LS Car Meet - let's take a look at everything players on other platforms are missing out on.

What is Hao’s Special Works?

Hao's Special Works is an expansion to the LS Car Meet introduced in Los Santos Tuners. On the current gen consoles, it replaces the regular car customization shop found at the underground location, but matches all previous functionality while expanding upon it with new conversions and mods that weren't previously available, as well as additional racing-based activities.

Hao's Special Works also sports the particularly useful feature of allowing players to directly buy exact copies of other players' vehicles being shown off at the car meet via the interaction menu. If you see someone else sporting a custom ride that's to your liking, this feature makes it easy to get one of your own without having to guess the exact parts used.

What platforms is Hao’s Special Works out on?

While the port was rated for PC since, we don't yet have official confirmation of such a release, meaning for the time being this content is exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Hao's vehicle conversions & customization

Hao's Special Works takes a page out of Lowriders' book and uses a system similar to Benny's Original Motor Works, where before applying the exclusive customization options you need to buy a "conversion" for the vehicle in question. This gives you a new platform to work with, and in and of itself features some improvements over the base vehicle. In-game this is known as the HSW Performance Upgrade.

Vehicles available for conversion with conversion price:

  • Karin S95 (GTA $525,000)
  • Pfister Astron Custom (GTA $395,000)
  • Coil Cyclone II (GTA $475,000)
  • Imponte Arbiter GT (GTA $375,00)
  • Pegassi Weaponized Ignus (GTA $500,000)
  • Grotti Turismo Classic (GTA $897,00)
  • Übermacht Sentinel XS (GTA $1,374,000)
  • Bravado Banshee (GTA $1,840,000)
  • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag (GTA $1,450,000)
  • Principe Deveste Eight (GTA $1,110,000)
  • Grotti Brioso R/A (GTA $1,097,000)

Some of these vehicles weren't available for conversion immediately when the update launched, but were made eligible later on. This implies that more vehicles might be added to the roster later on. Getting the upgrade will allow players to apply special HSW customizations to these rides, including liveries and more.

Hao’s Special Works races

Hao's Special Works includes races and time trials not otherwise available, requiring vehicles that have been converted with the HSW Performance Upgrade. There are 14 races which are identical to pre-existing Rockstar created Land Races, except all participating vehicles have the HSW upgrade.

The exclusive time trials work in a similar way. However, the par times have also been adjusted here to account for the changed performance of the vehicles being used. You can unlock a special livery by completing all 8 Hao's Special Works time trials, and a featured time trial rotates on a weekly basis.

Additionally, Hao offers special opportunities on the Test Track, allowing players to try out converted vehicles for free before they make a purchase. This selection also rotates on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hao in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, you meet Hao as a random encounter who challenges Franklin and the player to a few races. His role is expanded in GTA Online through the Los Santos Turners update where he becomes involved in the LS Car Meet and operates his own car modification shop known as Hao's Special Works.

Where is Hao in GTA Online?

In GTA Online, Hao can be found in the Los Santos Customs shop. In the Los Santos Tuners update, he is in his own car mod shop in the LS Car Meet building.

How to unlock Hao’s Special Works in GTA Online?

To unlock Hao's Special Works in GTA Online, wait for Hao's call and follow his instructions. He will ask you to pick up his vehicle, finish a time trial, and meet up with him at the Los Santos Car Meet. You'll then have to buy a membership from Mimi to gain access to more car modification features and services.

Can you get Hao’s Special Works on PC?

Currently, Hao's Special Works is not available on PC. The content is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA Online. Players on these platforms can experience the additional features and activities associated with Hao's Special Works, but it is not accessible on the PC version of the game.


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  1. It should prompt you to unlock the shop and then you just do what it says. I like the concept they were going for with this, including street racing aspects and everything but I feel like it was lackluster overall.

    1. feel like they didn't set this up properly cause it took me looking through 3 guides to figure it out

  2. @Walt Kirby,
    Unlock what? Hao's workshop? Just join an online session and look for the HSW icon on the map. You should have to complete a time trial and then you will have access to the shop. This is how it worked for me, anyways.

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