GTA 6 House Possibly Seen In Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games are a sneaky bunch, and have a track record of playing around with their fanbase using easter eggs and teasers. Having hidden references and hints to future releases in their games before, this latest bit of Grand Theft Auto 6 theory crafting definitely fits their profile - and now a known leaker has claimed that we have an image from the upcoming title already.

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If you like to stay in the loop with GTA related news, you probably remember that when Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition launched, the main discourse about all the bugs and issues happened alongside another, more speculative conversation. One particular in-game picture triggered a brand new wave of GTA 6 speculation.

This picture of a typical house you'd see in Florida was immediately identified as a render of some kind rather than being a photo of a real-world location. Fans confirmed that it is not from another, currently available Rockstar game - though initially many suggested it is from L.A. Noire - which steered the speculation towards GTA 6.

Now, a known leaker who has accurately shared information about Rockstar titles ahead of time on Twitter under the handle 'Matheusvictorbr' has seemingly confirmed that this is the case. Note that this account has gotten some predictions wrong in the past, so don't take these leaks as gospel.

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According to the account, their anonymous sources have confirmed that the picture in question really is a preliminary GTA 6 screenshot, smuggled into the Definitive Edition as a cheeky easter egg. We can't be sure just how reliable these sources are, but this has been the leading theory about the image and we wouldn't be surprised if it pans out. It does fit Rockstar's profile, after all.

If true, this means that the community has had its first look at GTA 6 a while ago - despite just about every source saying that the game is still years away from release at best. We imagine the moment the game releases, many will set out to find this one house in particular, and it will become a popular screenshot location.

Gta Online . . Image

Either way, the possibility that the first GTA 6 screenshot has been staring us in the face all this time is very real. How much the game, and the depicted location, will change between now and release however is anyone's guess.


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