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GTA 5 Voice Actor Says "Trust The Process"

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A sudden and rather strange shift in the Grand Theft Auto fandom has rapidly transformed almost a decade of eager anticipation into impatient anger as players are pulling increasingly extreme stunts to coax news of GTA 6 out of Rockstar. Now, even a voice actor has weighed in to urge patience.

Fans have sabotaged live TV broadcasts in an attempt to get some official word on the sequel that hasn't been announced but everyone knows is coming. The latest rumor that caught the community in a fever is that a stray license plate in the Expanded and Enhanced trailer hinted at a 90's setting for GTA 6.

All of this comes after many long years of seemingly constant rumors, speculation and fake leaks. It feels like the clock started the moment GTA 5 launched, and fans have been waiting for news on 6 ever since. For almost a decade, the fandom managed to do so patiently while enjoying new GTA Online content, but seemingly over the course of just a few months, the broader community has adopted outright anger at the lack of news.

Incidentally, GTA 5 just recently had its 8th anniversary. One point of contention among fans is that the game is already years older than GTA 4 was when 5 got announced, and yet all on the horizon is a remastered port, a standalone Online release and more DLC for the latter.

To commemorate the occasion, Michael de Santa's voice actor Ned Luke posted a Tweet and tagged Shawn Fonteno and Steven Ogg. Writing "Happy GTAV Day for so happy for others", he capped off the Tweet with the hashtag '#TrustTheProcess', aimed at the rowdier and impatient fans who have been expressing their displeasure in less than civil ways.

Ned Luke is right on the money here, too - fan entitlement has always been an issue among consumers, but it seems as though gamers are particularly affected. A sense of being owed news about GTA 6 by Rockstar fuels much of the impatient anger radiating from the fandom right now, and it isn't a good look.


It's also important to point out that the same community grumbling about the allegation of Rockstar pushing GTA 6 further away to focus on GTA Online is literally the exact same community generating the overwhelming popularity of GTA Online that would be the cause of this theory - one that's been discounted already.

GTA 6 is definitely coming, but it is likely years away according to all reliable accounts - the best thing the fandom can do right about now is chill. Listen to Ned Luke.


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