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This random event occurs in the upper part of Vinewood Hills in South Mo Milton Drive. As you are driving in the area, you will notice some Lost MC members are kidnapping a girl. Once the girl is inside the van and as it is driving away, simply shoot the van in order for it to stop and then kill the rest of the members and help the girl.

She will ask you to drop her off at her beach house in Chumash. As you are driving on to the destination, some more bikers will come and try to kill you. Eliminate them all and continue towards the beach house.


Once you reach the destination, drop her off and she will reward you with nothing, unfortunately!

South Mo Milton Drive in Vinewood Hills where the event occurs
The girl who was kidnapped by the Lost MC members after you drop her off at her beach house in Chumash

Sports Bike Thief

This random event occurs in North Rockford Drive in Richman. As you are driving in this area, you will see a thief speeding away on a sports bike after stealing it. You can simply go ahead and ram into him so that he falls off of the bike and is killed. Now you can either return the bike for +5 driving skill points or you can keep the Bati 801 sports bike for yourself.

North Rockford Drive in Richman
The protagonist (Michael) as he returns the bike back to the owner

Vinewood Bus Tour

Although, this is considered as a random event, it can be seen even if not in the vicinity. You can identify this event through a unique bus tour icon on the map. Check the legend on the map as well in order to identify it, it is called 'Vinewood Tours'.

This tour bus is located on Alta Street in Downtown Vinewood. You have to pay a small fee of $40 in order to attend the tour. The tour will take you through several landmarks and the guide will explain their significance one by one. You can also skip through to the next landmark and listen to the guide talking about it.

Please note that this random event only occurs during daytime and it can be repeated as many times as possible, unlike other random events which are only available once. There is no particular reward for this except a beautiful but eventually boring guide of the city.

Bus Icon indicating the location of the bus on Alta Street in Downtown Vinewood just beside Up-N-Atom Burger joint
The Tour Guide
The Tour Bus

Stag Do Running Man

This random event is located beside Zancudo River on Route 68, just further up after you pass the Ammu-Nation and a Clothing Store.

You will notice a man tied up to an electric pole without any clothes on, except his undergarments, with random markings and graffiti on his body. When you approach the man, he will ask for your help.

Untie him and then he will ask you to drop him to his wedding. But, there are a couple of locations you need to head to first. First you need to take him to his house in Rockford Hill so that he can get dressed up and pick up his car which is a White Enus Super Diamond.

Then you need to drive him to the Hookie's bar which is located near Chumash in order to pick up his best man. Then you will drive him to the wedding venue located in Paleto Bay. Please note that you need to do all this in 5 hours in-game time. This is equivalent to 10 minutes in real life.

After you drop him off to his wedding, you will be rewarded with the White Enus Super Diamond vehicle!

Located on the side of the road on Route 68 beside Zancudo River around Great Chaparral
Man tied to the electric pole on the side of the road
White Enus Super Diamond Luxury Vehicle

Weed Stash

It is located at the east of Mount Chiliad, north of Grapeseed at the end of a dirt road. At the end of the dirt road is a Weed Farm. This event is a unique event hence the reason it doesn't appear on the map as a blue dot, but as a 'Marijuana' plant icon.

When you enter the farm, the drug dealers will ask you to leave, if you resist they will start shooting at you. Kill them all and then enter the shed in order to collect the cash. This is their earnings from selling the weed. As a bonus you will also find a space ship part in the shed. This event has specific requirements which you need to meet in order for it to trigger.

The requirements are as follows:

  • You can only trigger this event as the protagonist TREVOR.
  • This event can only be triggered during DAYTIME.
  • It is only available on TUESDAYS.
  • You must enter the dirt road from the entrance area where the sign says 'Braddock Farms' in the beginning of the dirt road. If you take any shortcuts the event won't trigger.
  • You can wait for a week in-game and come back next Tuesday to collect the cash again.

The collected cash varies every time. It can either be as little as $1,000 or it can go as high as $70,000. We were able to collect up to $50,000!

Weed Farm located at the end of the dirt road in the eastern area of Mount Chiliad by Grapeseed
An open briefcase sitting on the shelf containing the cash

Simeon Yetarian Random Event

This event occurs inside of Premium Deluxe Motorsports car dealership located in Strawberry, beside the Ammu-Nation. Te event has sensitive timings and requirements for it to be triggered.

It is only a limited time event, so if you're not careful enough about the timings, you will not be able to trigger the event again. As you enter the car dealership, Simeon will see you and send some of his thugs to kill you. Simeon himself will run away. Kill the goons and collect their ammo and some cash in order to finish the random event. As the event is also a unique event, it will not appear on the mini map as a blue/red flashing dot. In order to trigger the event, you need to manually enter the dealership. However, in order to ensure that the event triggers, the following requirements must be met:

  • The event can only be played by the protagonists Franklin or Michael.
  • It is only available after you complete Father/Son mission.
  • The mission Friend Request must be completed in order for it to trigger.
  • The mission cannot be started after your first Jewel Store Heist. So the timing for this event trigger is After Friend Request mission but before Jewel Store Heist.

There are no specific rewards for the completion of this random event, however, you do walk away with some cash and ammo from killing those thugs.

Simeon Yitarian's Premium Deluxe Motorsport car dealership located in Adam's Apple Boulevard and Power Street in Strawberry
Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership
Thugs attacking the Protagonist (Franklin)

Altruists Victims

If you are playing the game as Trevor and come across any one of the random events which involves dropping them off to a certain location, you can instead take them to the Altruists camp located in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in return for money.

After you deliver four victims to the altruist cult members, they will kidnap you and then try to sacrifice you in a ritual as well.

After they take you inside their camp, a cut scene will appear. After the cut scene ends, kill all of the cult members for successfully completing this random event. You will also come across four briefcases spread around the camp, each containing $25,000 and totaling up to a whopping $100,000! So do not forget to grab them while you're at it because they only spawn once.

Along with the cash there is also an RPG located in the camp, which keeps re-spawning after a while from first collecting it. This is a good way of obtaining an RPG early in the game since it is not unlocked for a while.


This random event appears near the motel located by the gas station in Grand Senora Desert. As you're driving past the station you will notice a blue dot appearing on the minimap, indicating the Duke O'Death car.

You will see the car parked near a gas station. In order to start this event, enter the car and drive off. You will notice some freighter trucks block you off half way through as you drive away. Quickly get out of the car and kill both the truck drivers. And then drive off in your Duke O'Death to complete the event successfully.

Successful completion of this random event will not only reward you with Duke O'Death car but the Duke O'Death will also spawn in two locations as a reward. One will be found in El Burro Heights and the other in Grand Senora Desert.

Cheat Code for PC: DEATHCAR
Cellphone Cheat Code: 1-999-3328-4227

Note that the car will only spawn for players with the PC, Xbox One or PS4 version of the game. If you have the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the game, the event will not trigger.

Also, this random event can only be triggered if you've completed the Pulling Favors mission.

Duke O'Death Car Location in Grand Senora Desert
Parked Duke O'Death Car

Dodo Sea Plane

This random event occurs in the cave located in the cove, east of Ron Alternates Wind Farm. When you get closer to the area you will notice a blue dot on the minimap, along with some red ones indicating hostile men on speedboats.

Kill the men and get inside the plane and fly away. When you're flying away some more men will appear, trying to take you down. However, no need to worry yourself with them, simply keep flying away for them to disappear and the random event should be completed. You can then walk away with a Dodo Sea Plane.

After you complete this random event the dodo sea plane will start appearing in two locations as a reward. One dodo sea plane will be spawned at a lake located in Vinewood Hills and the other plane will be spawned at Galilee near Alamo Sea where Franklin's house is.

Just like the Duke O'Death you will be able to spawn the Sea Plane through a cheat code as well.

Cheat Code for PC: EXTINCT
Cellphone Cheat Code: 1-999-398-4628

This cheat code only works for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

This random event can only be triggered if you've completed the Nervous Ron mission first.

Monkey Mosaic

This is an interesting random event which is possible to trigger only after you've successfully collected all 50 Monkey Mosaics located throughout Los Santos.

After you've collected these Monkey Mosaics, you will also need to purchase at least two out of the three custom garages available in the game.

In this even, a space monkey street artist will appear in an alley behind Los Santos Customs located in Rockford Hills around Burton area. As you approach the area a blue dot will appear, indicating the presence of the space monkey street artist.

Make sure to find a good spot to take a picture of the street artist without being detected while he is spraying on a wall. If you are detected, then the street artist will run away and you won't be able to complete this random event.

A good location to take the picture is from the parking garage just north of the spot where the street artist is spraying. Just take the picture and save it in order to complete the random event.

After you've completed this event, a few moments later, you will receive a message from Space Monkey rewarding you with a Go Go Monkey Blista in one of your garages.

Note that the car will only spawn for players having the Xbox One, PC or PS4 versions of the game. If you have an old version of the game, the event will not trigger.

Please also make sure you've collected all the 50 Monkey Mosaic for this event to occur. Also, if you buy all three custom garages, then the chances of this event happening increase.

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