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3 - Hitchhiking Girl

As you are driving by the Junction of East Joshua Road and Route 1 in San Chianski Mountain Range in Sandy Shores area, you will come across a young woman who asks for a ride to Mount Haan Drive located in Vinewood Hills.

As you reach the location and drop her at the location, her jealous boyfriend, who is a security guard, comes fighting you. Simply knock him out in order to finish this random event successfully. You will receive +5 driving skill points.


It is suggested to carry out the mission using Franklin, as using Michael or Trevor will cause Martin Madrazo's men in the area to attack them and spook away the girl resulting in failure of the event completion.

Junction of East Joshua Road and Route 1. it is in Sandy Shores area
Hitchhiking Girl who asks for a ride
Jealous Security Guard Boyfriend

4 - Ursula (Psychotic Hitchhiking Girl)

Yep, as the title suggests, she is a psychotic hitchhiking girl. This is a random encounter where you come across a girl at the dirt road intersection at Mount Chilliad and Grapeseed. She asks for a ride back home.

As you are driving her back home, you can listen to her conversation. her conversation will explain why she is being called a 'Psychotic' hitchhiking girl. After you drop her off, her contact will be saved in your phone as 'Ursula'. She will be added as a 'Booty Call' in your contacts list. You will also get +5 driving skill points.

Mount Chilliad and Western Grapeseed intersection where the girl is found on the side of the dirt road
The girl at the intersection, marked in the map, by the huge logs
The girl outside her house when you drop her off by the lighthouse

Lost Motorcycle Club (MC) Robberies

Trevor's nemesis club is not only having issues with him alone, but with the whole of Los Santos. Through your game play you will encounter several robberies in action by the Lost MC members. You can intercept them after the robbery and either return the stolen cash or keep it for yourself. They will appear as the blue/red flashing blip on the minimap indicating friend or foe situation.

1 - Lost MC Robbery in Hawick

As you drive by the barber shop you will notice some Lost MC members robbing a man in front of a suburban clothing store and speeding away in a black Lost MC van. Shoot them down and eliminate all of them. Collect the wallet and either return it for a $200 tip in return along with a full special meter or keep the money for yourself and walk away with a decent $2,000.

Event triggers right in front of Suburban Clothing Store
Lost Motorcycle Club members Van

2 - Lost MC Robbery in Grand Senora Desert

When you drive by the Discount Store located in Grand Senora Desert, you will notice a couple of Lost MC members robbing away a man of his wallet. Simply kill the members and either return the wallet back to the man for a small tip of $12 along with a full special meter or keep the whole amount for yourself, which contains a decent $120.

Lost MC Robbery event triggered next to Discount Store in Grand Senora Desert
Lost MC members speeding away in their club van after robbing the man

3 - Lost MC Robbery in Textile City

This event occurs only after Trevor arrives in Los Santos, it cannot be triggered before that. You will notice two Lost MC members on a bike robbing a man and driving away. Simply ram into them and kill them using your gun, then collect the money. As always, either you can return the wallet for a small $50 reward along with a full special meter or keep it for yourself with the whole $500.

Textile City located east of Downtown where the event triggers
Lost MC members riding away after robbing the man

4 - Lost MC Robbery in Grapeseed

The robbery event triggers in front of a Discount Clothing Store located in Grapeseed. A couple of Lost MC Members rob a man and drive away in their signature Lost MC members van. Kill them and then either keep the wallet for yourself, walking away with $250, or return the wallet back to the owner for a small $25 tip along with a full special meter for your heroic efforts.

Event trigger next to a Discount Clothing Store in Grapeseed
The Van (circled in Red) speeding away after robbing a man (circled in Green)


When you're cruising the streets of Los Santos in GTA 5 you will come across many events, among which includes people getting mugged by thugs. You can either kill the robbers and return the wallet back to the owner or keep the money for yourself. if you're fast enough you might have to chase the robbers in the first place, as they are holding the victim at gun point you can quickly either gun them down or ram your car into them.

1 - Alta Mugging

This mugging event occurs in Alta in an alleyway. A woman is about to get robbed and you need to prevent that from happening. You can either drive the car into the mugger or simply gun him down. You get no reward for this heroic effort of yours.

Alleyway in Alta where the event triggers
Woman held at gunpoint in an alleyway in Alta

2 - Chamberlain Hills Mugging

This mugging occurs in a parking lot in Chamberlain Hills near Franklin's old house. A man is being robbed, kill the mugger and either keep the $200 for yourself or return it to the owner in exchange for a $20 tip.

Alleyway in Chamberlain Hills near Franklin's Old house
Alleyway where the robbery takes place

3 - Pillbox Hills Mugging

This mugging occurs in Pillbox Hills next to some ATMs edged into a Quik House building wall, a woman is being robbed by a man. Ram your car into this guy and kill him. You can either return a hefty $2,000 cash back to the woman in return for a decent $200 tip or you can keep the whole amount for yourself.

Location of the event in Pillbox Hills
Robber (circled in Red) running away after robbing the lady (circled in Green) who is having her hands up as she was being held at gunpoint prior to the guy running away

Police Arrest Encounters

During your game play you will randomly encounter police officers arresting various criminals. There are two recorded incidents which are confirmed in the game. You can either help the criminal escape in return for some reward or you can help police officer arrest the criminal by either tasing him with a stun gun or knocking him out.

By helping the police officer you will not receive any reward. Meanwhile helping the criminal will reward you (plus a 3 star wanted level).

1 - Davis Quartz Arrest

This arrest event occurs in Davis Quartz in the Grand Quartz area beside a Quarry. The arrest is happening on the side of the road where a police officer is chasing down a criminal up a little green hill. You can either help the criminal escape or help the police officer arrest the criminal. If you kill the cop and help the criminal, he will reward you with $250 and you will have 3 star wanted level on you. However, if you decide to kill the criminal and help the cop, then the cop will be thankful for the help but nothing more.

Davis Quartz in Grand Quartz area beside a Quarry where the event triggers
Cop holding the criminal at gunpoint

2 - Grapeseed Arrest

This arrest event occurs in Grapeseed near the O'Neil brothers farm, which Trevor burns in the story line. Once you arrive at the marked location the event triggers and you will see a cop chasing a criminal over the farmlands. Now it is up to you to either help the criminal escape or help the cop in his arrest.

Helping the cop will get you nothing except gratitude from the cop. However, if you help the criminal, you will be rewarded with $250 cash along with 3 star wanted level.

Grapeseed Arrest Location where the event occurs
Cop (circled in Green) chasing the Criminal (circled in Red) across the farm

Prisoner Rescues

There are two random instances where prison escapees ask for your help. They ask you to drop them off to a location. It is up to you to either help them or ditch them (sometimes ditching is critical for your own safety, you'll see why).

1 - Lost MC member prisoner rescue

This random event occurs as you are driving along a dirt road by a farm in Grand Senora Desert area near Bolingbroke Penitentiary. You will notice that a prisoner is calling you for help. You will also notice a police car that has broken down and wrecked into a tree, indicating a rough altercation.

The prisoner will ask you to drop him to a Lost MC club house nearby. As you are taking him to his destination, you will get 2 star wanted level. Get rid of the wanted level and then continue to the location. After dropping him, you do not get any reward in return except +3 driving skill points.

A tip on losing the wanted level quickly. When you see the 2 stars pop up, simply drive into a grassy area and hide inside any one of the bush patches. This is more effective if you are on a motorcycle as it will be completely hidden inside the bush.

Lost MC Member Prisoner Location near the penitentiary in Grand Senora Desert
Lost MC Member Escaped Prisoner
Wrecked Cop Car at the event location

2 - Rogue Prisoner

Remember how we stated that sometimes ignoring the prisoner and not helping them is a good thing? Well, this is that instance. You will encounter another prisoner on the same dirt road in Grand Senora Desert, near the Bolingbroke Penitentiary, coming out of a bush and asking for a lift. As you stop the car to help him, he will hold you on gunpoint and ask you to leave your vehicle.

In order to avoid getting killed make sure you go to the marked location in a vehicle which you do not value a lot. Rig it with sticky bombs and then once the prisoner stops you, let him take the vehicle and as he drives away simply blow up the car. If you're fast enough you can just get out of the vehicle and quickly shoot him down with a rifle, or use a grenade launcher to destroy the vehicle if you do not care about it!

Rogue Prisoner location near the penitentiary in Grand Senora Desert where the event triggers
Prisoner coming out of the bush waving his hands asking for help

Racist Redneck Encounters

There are several racist rednecks in the remote areas of GTA 5 such as Grand Senora Desert, Tataviam Mountains and Raton Canyon. As you pass by some locations around these areas, you will encounter some rednecks on their dirt bikes trying to kill you. You need to kill them in order to successfully complete the random event. After you're done killing them you can collect the ammo and some cash that they drop. There are three confirmed locations of these instances occurring.

1 - Grand Senora Desert Encounter

As you go to the northern part of the Vinewood sign, in the mountains of Grand Senora Desert you will come across three rednecks on their dirt bikes trying to kill you. They will be making racists call outs. They are quite strong so make sure you have enough firepower to take them down. They do not fall off their bikes easily either.

The exact location of the dirt road where the redneck event is triggered. Drive slowly on this road for it to trigger
The rednecks chasing the protagonist Franklin at the stated location

2 - Raton Canyon Encounter

This event occurs in Raton Canyon. As you are driving on the dirt road, three rednecks on their dirt bikes and quad bike will jump you trying to kill you. Kill them all in order to complete the event successfully. But be careful when dealing with them as they also hold powerful weapons such as shotgun and they can instantly kill you as well.

Southern Raton Canyon where the event is triggered
2 of the 3 racist rednecks following the protagonist. The third one is way behind as you can see in the minimap in the lower left corner

3 - Tataviam Mountains Encounter

This event occurs in the Tataviam Mountains on the dirt road which is accessed right after the reservoir. As usual there will be three rednecks trying to kill you, simply kill them all to successfully complete the random event.

Upper Tataviam Mountains where the event occurs. Make sure to drive slowly on the road for it to trigger
3 rednecks chasing the protagonists in the Tataviam Mountains trying to kill him

Shop Robberies

There are two special robbery random events which occur in GTA 5. One occurs in the Bob Mulet Barbershop while the other in a Suburban Clothing Store.

Please note that these events do not appear on the map as a blue dot indicating their trigger. It is randomly triggered once you enter the shop. You can also tell whether the event is going to occur or not by looking inside the shop from outside, you will notice the shop keeper will be on the floor held at gunpoint.

1 - Bob Mulet Barbershop Robbery

The barbershop is located in the northern part of Los Santos in the Rockford Hills District. As you enter the shop, you will notice two men will be holding the store keeper at gunpoint. One will then point the gun at you and ask you to get on your knees. While you are on your knees, the thugs will leave the shop and go to their vehicle. Quickly get out and destroy the vehicle and kill them.

You can either return the stolen cash back to the store keeper or keep it for yourself. The cash amount is $2,000.

Bob Mulet Barbershop Location in Rockford Hills
The Protagonist (Michael) held at gunpoint as you enter the shop

2 - Suburban Clothing Store Robbery

This random event occurs in the Suburban Clothing Store located in Del Perro District in the western part of Los Santos. Once you enter the shop, you will see two robbers holding the cashier at gunpoint. As soon as they are done, they run out and in separate directions. Just identify the one who is holding the cash bag consisting of $2,000.

Kill him and retrieve the bag. You can either return it back to the shop or keep it for yourself. If you return it back then you will have a 25% discount at Suburban Clothing Store on your next purchase.

Suburban Clothing Store located in Del Perro District in Western Los Santos
The thug running away with a bag consisting of $2,000 after robbing the cashier
Bag containing $2,000 dropped on the ground after you kill him

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