GTA 5 Random Events Guide

Man tied to the electric pole on the side of the road


ATM Robberies

Several robberies occur in GTA 5 near the ATMs. These robberies occur when pedestrians are using the ATM. You can chase down the robber and either keep the money for yourself or return the money back to the owner for a smaller cash reward. The robber will be indicated by a blue/red flashing blip on the map which indicates a friend or foe situation. That means you can either help or take the money for yourself as stated earlier.

Note: it is possible for the robberies to occur at the same location again several days later.

1 - Discount Store near Vespucci Canals

When you approach near the discount store the blue /red flashing dot will appear on the minimap indicating the robber.

2 - Gas Station at Pacific Bluffs

As you approach the gas station, you will observe a thief running away from the gas station indicated by a flash.

3 - Gas Station at Little Seoul

Approaching the gas station, a flashing blip will appear indicating the robber at Little Seoul.

4 - An Asian Bank at Little Seoul

The robbery takes place in front of an Asian Bank in Little Seoul.

5 - 24 Hour Parking Lot in Downtown Vinewood

Driving slowly and approaching the indicated area will trigger the event.

6 - 24/7 Supermarket in Banham Canyon

The robbery takes place right beside the 24/7 Supermarket. There is an ATM by the wall of the mart.

7 - Fleeca Bank in Banham Canyon

You need to approach this bank during day time and approach it slowly in order for it to trigger. The robber will be on a bike.

Security Vans

There are several Security Vans located throughout the GTA 5 map. These are randomly triggered and usually have 2 guards transporting some cash in a briefcase to a secured location. However, you can intercept the truck and rob the guards for some easy cash.

You can kill the guards will they are still outside the truck and steal the briefcase OR you can intercept a moving truck, kill the guards and then use sticky bombs to blow open the back double door of the truck to reveal the cash briefcase.

The amount of cash dropped by each Van is random however the range is usually around $4,000 - $7000. Stealing the cash will get you a two star wanted level and you must lose the wanted level in order to successfully complete the random event.

Gruppe 6 Security Van

The following is the list of all the Security Van locations in GTA 5. Note: It is possible for the vans to reappear at the same location several in-game days later.

1 - Globe Oil Gas Station in La Puerta

2 - Paleto Bay Market in Paleto Bay

3 - Asian Strip Mall in Little Seoul

4 - Hit 'n' Run Restaurant in Little Seoul

5 - San Chianski Mountain Range Van

6 - Lago Zancudo Van

7 - Cypress Flats Van

8 - Supply Street at La Mesa

Deserted Vehicles

There are some abandoned vehicles in GTA 5 which you can interact with in different ways. There are two isolated vehicle events that have been found so far.

1 - Grand Senora Desert Vehicle

Located just beside the Sandy Shores Airstrip in a dirt road.

As you approach the vehicle, you will be tased by an unknown attacker. Once tased you will pass out. When you wake up you will be on the railway track without any clothes on and in the way of a moving train. Simply move out of the way in order to successfully finish the event. Your vehicle will still be in its original place where you left it at.

Abandoned Vehicle
Train approaching you as you wake up on the railway track without clothes

2 - RON Alternates Wind Farm Vehicle

The event is located on top of a hill at RON Alternates Wind Farm

This event is located on top of a hill at RON Alternates Wind Farm. When you drive up the hill, a blue dot will appear indicating a Camper Van. There are two men inside of a van having a "good time". You can stay by the van and listen to their conversation.

As you get closer to the Van, the men will get out in panic and try to attack you. Simply take them out along with the Van in order to successfully finish this random event. It is best to come to this location at evening or night time for it to trigger.

Camper Van located on top of the hill

Bicycle Thieves

There are a couple of Bicycle robberies in GTA 5 as well. There are some thieves who steal the bike and drive away. You can be a good samaritan and help the fellow citizens by returning the stolen bike back to them. There are two main locations where these events occur.

1 - Rancho Bicycle Thief

Little Bighorn Avenue at Rancho

As you approach the marked location there will be a thief speeding off with a stolen bike. Simply kill the thief and bring the bike back to the owner. This particular event holds an importance since the owner of the bike is no ordinary person. After returning the bike, the owner will send an email transferring a stupendous amount of $100,000! He gives it in stock for his company called 'Animal Ark'. Along with that you will also gain +3 stamina stat points!

The guy who gives $100,000 in stock. The character might differ for different players. But the location remains the same.

2 - East Vinewood Bicycle Thief

This event appears at East Vinewood, right next to APTS apartment building

Simply kill the thief and return the stolen bicycle back to the owner. You will be rewarded with +3 stamina stat points.

Bike Owner at East Vinewood. The owner might differ for different players in appearance

Car Thieves

Just like bike thieves, the cars are also not safe in the streets of Los Santos. There are two known locations where the thief steals a car and speeds off. You can kill the thief and return the stolen car back to the owner.

1 - North Chumash Car Thief

This random event occurs in front of Hookies restaurant located in North Chumash. A thief steals a pink peyote Cadillac from a lady. Kill the thief and return the car back to the lady (or you can keep it for yourself, it is up to you). Unfortunately, risking your life and returning the vehicle back to the lady was worth nothing to her, hence no rewards, but you will still get +5 driving kill points!

Location is right next to Hookies restaurant in North Chumash
Pink Peyote Cadillac which was stolen

2 - Autopia Parkway Car Thief

This event occurs near Los Santos International Airport. A thief steals a dark colored Obey Rocoto SUV from a woman. Kill the thief and return the vehicle back to the owner (yet again, you can also keep the vehicle for yourself).

You will not receive any cash reward for the completion of this event. However, the owner of the car will send you an email after a few in-game days rewarding you with a Pale Blue Suit. At least she was grateful and appreciative of your efforts unlike the Pink Cadillac Lady. You will also get +5 driving skill points.

Just slightly by the LS International Airport on Autopia Parkway
Dark Colored Obey Rocoto SUV

Drunk People Chauffeur

During your play through, you will come across some pedestrians who are extremely drunk to drive back home. As usual, you can be a good caring citizen and help them out. There are 2 known drunk people events that you will encounter which are as follows.

1 - Drunk Guy at La Puerta Restaurant

You will encounter this random event at Goma Street in La Puerta, at the La Spada Seafood restaurant. You will notice two friends having an argument while they are drunk. One of the friend is concerned for his buddy's well-being and doesn't allow him to drive back home, so the guy asks you to drive him back home. You can drive the guy home for $80 reward in return.

Goma Street in La Puerta near the Vespucci Beach area
Drunk friends having an argument by the restaurant

When you drop the friend at home, you can wait around and notice that before he goes for his door, he passes out by the door. He may or may not drop some extra cash which you can take.

Passed out drunk guy who you just dropped

2 - Drunk Couple at Sandy Shores

You will come across a drunk couple right outside a bar located in Sandy Shores. They will ask you to give them a ride back to their motel in their own car. On your way to their motel, the couple will start to have a good time in the back seat of the car. Once you drop the couple back to their motel, you walk away with $40 cash.

Right by the bar in Sandy Shores (in front of the Tattoo Parlor), you will see the blue blip pop up indicating the drunk couple
Drunk Couple in front of the bar

Giving People a Ride

Just like the drunk couple, there are sober people in the game as well who will ask for a ride to certain locations. The following are the people and where you can find them. These will appear randomly as well.

1 - Timm The Equity Broker

You will find Timm in Chumash area by the Great Highway in Baham Canyon area. His car will be broken down and he will ask you to drop him to Los Santos International Airport. If you drop him fast enough before the timer runs out, he will give you a tip of $100 along with a hint about Tinkle stocks. You will also get +5 driving skill points. He asks you to invest in Tinkle Stocks. His exacts words are "Invest in Tinkle, now! You won't regret it!"

If you listen to him and invest in the Tinkle stocks in BAWSAQ website and wait for around 20-24 in-game hours, you will have a return percentage of 33%. Thanks Timm!

Around Baham Canyon beach area by the Great Highway
Timm and his broken down car on the side

2 - The Runaway Bride

As you are driving by the Zancudo River area by the Zancudo Fort. You will come across a Church. As you drive by the church you will notice a bride running towards your car asking for your help to drop her off at her house in Vinewood Hills. As you are driving away her now ex-Groom will come ramming into your car. Stop the car and take out the Groom and continue towards the bride's house. You do not get any reward for this except +5 driving skill points.

Location where the Runaway Bride event triggers
Fighting the groom after he chases you down
Runaway Bride in the back yard of her house after you drop her


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