Diamond Casino Heist - All Access Points & Points of Interest (POIs) Guide

This guide will show you how to find the different access points and POIs to unlock all three casino heist approaches - The Big Con, Aggressive and Silent and Sneaky. Check out our max payout guide too.

With the release of the Diamond Casino Heist update Rockstar has decided to add a variety of approaches you can choose to carry out the heist itself. The heist update is one of the most complex and content filled updates ever delivered, particularly when you take into account the heist itself.

In order to carry out the heist finale, you must go through several heist preparation missions. Among the mandatory prep missions come optional prep missions as well, which you can carry out to make your heist easier. One of the prep mission includes finding the access points and points of interest (POIs) during casino and vault scope out missions.

Casino model showing all the access points (blue pins) of the casino

You can buy a casino model for your prep board for GTA$130,000 which shows them the locations of all the access points. However, even that is not enough as it still does not help you pin-point the exact locations of some of the access points outside of casino.


This guide will help you find all the access points and the points of interest you need to find during the scoping out missions. You can also check out our video guide below.

Video Guide - All Access Points and Points of Interest (POI) Locations

Access Points

If you scope out all the access points, then you will have more options to enter the casino. The access points are listed below.

Access Point #1

The first access point is the main casino entrance door.

Access Point #2

The side door to the right of the casino.

Access Point #3

Side door to the left of the casino.

Access Point #4

The garage door of the security tunnel underneath the race track to the right of the casino.

Access Point #5

There's a sewer tunnel right across the street from the casino. Head over there and go inside and take a picture of the sewer grate.

Access Point #6

Keypad door right down the stairs behind the bar.

Access Point #7

Keypad door next to the pool.

Access Point #8

Keypad door 1 around the back when you jump off the ledge of the swimming pool towards the left.

Access Point #9

Keypad door 2 around the back. After the first door around back, when you go a bit forward you will find the second door with a guard beside it.

Access Point #10

Keypad door 1 on the roof right beside the helipad.

Access Point #11

Keypad door 2 on the roof beside the helipad.

Points of Interest (POIs)

Besides the access points above, there are several points of interest which can either be identified or scoped out. These will add further options that can allow you to approach the heist in a variety of different ways. There are two parts to finding the points of interest.

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You find the points of interest in the Casino Scoping mission as well as the Vault Content Scope out mission. There are a total of 11 POI that can be scoped out. All the POIs are listed below.

Casino Scope Out POIs

The following are the POI you can identify when you are carrying out the casino scope out heist prep mission.

Point of Interest #1

The old camera. You can take the picture of any one of the old camera. They are present everywhere around the casino. On the roof and the roof terrace as well. This picture is taken on the roof.

Point of Interest #2

The security guard standing beside the elevator.

Point of Interest #3

The orbital camera inside of the casino.

Point of Interest #4

The purple keypad beside the staff door which says 'Restricted Access' beside the chips exchange counter.

Point of Interest #5

Casino vault blueprints. You can find them sitting on the table in Agatha's office in the management section of the casino. You need to have VIP membership in order to access this area. Go through 'Inside Tracks' and you will see a double door with a guard standing beside it which says 'Management'. You need to go inside that and upstairs to Agatha's office.

Point of Interest #6

The valet at the main entrance is also a point of interest.

Vault Content Scope Out POI

When you hack into the camera feed while doing the vault content scope out mission, you have the option to either leave the camera feed after you've found the vault content or to continue and find the points of interest. You can continue to check all the feeds and grab all the points of interest.

The general rule when you are identifying the POI through the camera feed is to simply scroll you camera all the way from left to right capturing everything. Once a POI is identified, you will get a notification in the bottom left corner which will say 'Point of Interest scoped'.

To help you as much as possible all the points of interest in the camera feed nare listed below for you.

Point of Interest #1

When you hack into the staff corridor camera, move your camera all the way to the left side and once the marked door is in the feed, the POI will be identified.

Point of Interest #2

In the hotel floor camera, you need to move your camera all the way to the right until the two staff elevators are in sight. Once they are in sight the POI will be identified.

Point of Interest #3

In the vault security camera feed, you need to have the security room door in your camera feed sight and the POI will be scoped out.

Point of Interest #4

When you reach the staff lobby camera feed, you will instantly get a notification saying that a POI is scoped out. This is because the whole front desk area is the POI.

Point of Interest #5

In the staff entrance camera feed, move your camera to the left where the metal detectors are and scope them out to get a POI identified.

Point of Interest Portfolio

One you've found all the POI, your prep board should have all these pictures on it.

Those are all the access points and points of interest you need to know of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to buy the penthouse to carry out the Diamond Casino Heist?

No, you do not need the penthouse to carry out the Casino Heist, however some points of interest require you to have a VIP membership in order to access them, such as the Vault Blueprint in Agatha Baker's office.

If you take a picture of the blueprints then you will have a prototype in your Arcade basement to practice drilling on. Getting this blueprint is completely optional and it will not affect the Casino Heist experience.

Where is the waste disposal access point?

Access Point #3 is the Waste Disposal door. It is at the 0:48 minute mark in the access point video.

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