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Bombing The Hell Out Of GTA V Has Never Been Easier


Just when you thought tanks, fighter jets and heavy ordnance is the only way to make things go boom in GTA V, modders come up with crazy stuff like this. Be it a gun that shoots cars, or aliens with lasers, being a citizen of Los Santos must be a massive dent in life expectancy. And after this fun little creation, you'll guaranteed to shave a few more years off of it.

There's something about GTA and pyromaniacs which results in the two always getting mixed. But hey, as long as they're having their fiery fun and flaming fantasies in a virtual world, so be it, right?


While all this mod really does is unlock a feature already in GTA V which is normally restricted to specific side missions, it is not any less fun due to the fact. When playing as Trevor in GTA V's single player portion (which, you know, exists), you will have the option to purchase the McKenzie airfield after completing the mission "Nervous Ron". Buying the property will grant access to the Cuban 800 plane within, which triggers arms trafficking air missions. These missions have you fly crates of weaponry to drop off zones as well as carpet bombing rival traffickers.


This mod makes the aforementioned carpet bombing feature available at all times. When flying in an applicable plane, such as the Cuban 800 or Lazer, you can switch to bombing view and peek out of the bomb hatch to see what it is you are disintegrating; then dropping the boomers to your heart's pleasure. Fly wherever you will, whenever you will, and leave a fiery, burning wasteland in your wake. Funny how systematically blowing shit up can be so fun, right?

Will any of you guys be maniacally laughing while blowing GTA V to hell with this mod?


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