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You Can Now Drive Your Favorite Real Supercars In GTA V


Ah, modding. GTA V has been made so much more expansive thanks to players taking the time to create their own assets and game modes for Rockstar's blockbuster. The modding scene for GTA V is extremely active, despite recent measures on Rockstar's part to discourage it. Entire dev teams have popped up working on total conversion mods for the game, and all sorts of wacky creations are released day-by-day. Be it alternative forms of transportation, or high-tech exoskeletal suits of armor, mods have you covered.


Some thing that is kind of a big thing when it comes to the GTA franchise is cars. Driving is a centerpiece of the action, cars enable you to travel around the map, etc. etc. I mean, it's in the game's name, after all.

Most vehicles in GTA are based off real-world automobiles, however due to licencing costs and legal pitfalls, they aren't quite what we see in the streets every day. Slight changes in design, fantasy names and manufacturers keep things cheap on Rockstar's end, but these changes can break immersion.

Luckly, modders are here to the rescue. Reddit user and GTA V player D_TOXX has created a mod that lets you drive the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Ferrari F430, 1970 Dodge Challenger and many, many more in GTA V. All of the vehicles have been modeled with extreme detail and authenticity, and if your rig can take the stress, with the R-hancer Photorealism Mod, they almost look more real than they do in real life. Almost.


This mod is relatively new, so we doubt that this much high quality work could have been done with the very recently released ZModeler GTA V import/export feature so quickly, so props to th modder for figuring this one out.

While this is only half of the equation, as not you will be driving real cars in not-Los Angeles, but it is still an impressive feat.

Will you be using this mod to hop into a Lambo in GTA V?


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