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Secure Your Guest List Spot And $GTA 300,000

In case you haven't had enough of opportunities to grab free GTA$, Rockstar has yet another promotion helping you line your coffers.

In a bid to hype up the nightclub DLC coming to Grand Theft Auto Online soon, players can sign onto a Guest List simply by logging into the game for a series of rewards next week, including in-game currency.

In the past few months, Rockstar has been running an uncharacteristically generous gamut of handing out free GTA$ and organizing extremely lucrative double payout bonuses during their weekly events. In the past just one free GTA$ promo meant that the devs are warming up for DLC drop and the more cash we got, the likelier it was that the update would be an expensive one.

Based on how Rockstar is buttering us all up, this as-of-yet unnamed nightclub DLC is going to be super pricey. In the update's announcement the nightclub businesses were paraded as the first legal and legitimate venture available to GTA Online players - let's just hope that doesn't mean paying rent, income tax and other fees.

Whatever the expenses of running a successful venue, being on the Guest List will lighten the load. Anyone who logs into GTA Online through the 2nd of July, which is next Monday, will automatically be added to the Guest List. Guests will start enjoying their benefits next week, which includes a set of bonuses that are all thematically linked to the nightclub DLC.

The first reward you get by returning the week after the Guest List admission deadline is up is a bonus of GTA$300,00 and an exclusive Orange Wireframe Bodysuit for your character that can't be acquired in any other manner - and that's just the beginning.

Guest List perks will continue dropping throughout July, with weekly gifts gracing dedicated GTA Online players who log in frequently. Every week you'll get additional free GTA$ on top of the initial 300,000, with these weekly money rewards ranging from $GTA 100,000 to 350,000.

Guest List members will also have access to an exclusive discount on upcoming vehicles such as the MTL Pouncer Custom, releasing later in July. Exclusive liveries for these new rides, such as the Ocelot Swinger, will also be gifted to eligible players.

Rockstar liked giving away exclusive in-game shirts as log-in rewards in the past and that tradition is being revived with nightclub themed shirts being given to Guest List members. These are all the details the developers have revealed so far, but the announcement also states that there are more unannounced goodies to come leading up to the release of the nightclub DLC.

Keep an eye on our feed for any new information about the biggest GTA Online DLC this year.


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