Rumor: GTA 6 Might Be Revealed This Holiday

We're happy to announce that we are launching a new game show wherein various Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks compete against each other in a series of Wipeout-style challenges to see which leak wins the title of being legit. Well, we're not actually - but there are enough of these things for a contest at this point. The latest alleged leak claims a November-December reveal with a trailer.

Coming absolutely out of nowhere without any backing, Instagram account ThatsSoBold - which only deals with celebrity news almost exclusively otherwise - posted about GTA 6. According to the post, 'news sources are confirming' that the game will be officially announced and teased with a trailer this November or December.

This new post also apparently has some other details about the game, claiming that it will be set in Miami - meaning Vice City - and will feature hurricanes and alligators among other gameplay elements. Additionally, updates released by Rockstar over time will reportedly alter the game map, a feature compared to what we see with Fortnite's update model.


According to this source, a trailer is coming in November with various stages of the reveal event being spread out across the holiday season, and that fans can expect a significantly larger game - based on ThatsSoBold's post, GTA 6 will be thrice the size of the current entry in the series.

Throughout the years we have seen plenty of really sketchy GTA 6 leaks, but this is a pretty major standout. Not only was this unexpected changing of lanes into video game news a sudden blip for ThatsSoBold, which the account already abandoned, the claims are being presented with absolutely no evidence or sources.


What's more, the claims made in the post contradict much of what has been stated and confirmed by reputable industry insiders Trevor Henderson and Jason Schreier earlier this year. Proven track records and a history of legitimate leaks easily win out against these sudden, new leaks.

One of the main red flags here is the timeframe given for reveal. The post claims that GTA 6 will be officially revealed this November, making it a spectacularly optimistic prediction even as far as other optimistic leaks go. Seeing as October already begins this week, we'd essentially be looking at a reveal one month from now.

That, however, is bordering on the outright impossible - for multiple reasons. GTA 5's Expanded and Enhanced port for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 was set to release this November, but recently got pushed back to March 2022. The company wouldn't ever consider announcing GTA 6 before the release of the port, lest put off players from re-purchasing the title. Having your own products compete like that is not a good move, and the announcement might spur fans to just wait out for the release of the sequel.

Of course, all of this is assuming by default that GTA 6 is in any shape to be revealed at all - which, according to multiple reputable and credible sources it definitely is not. As far as sources whose words have actual weight go, including industry analysts, the most optimistic estimates still put GTA 6 years away from launch, making it way too early for an announcement - especially for Rockstar, a company known for keeping its cards close to its chest until the last moment.


Between the outdated and contradictory information and the fact that game news, and game leaks especially, seem to be vastly out of the account's main profile, this really seems like more of a publicity stunt than a real leak. An attempt to game the algorithm with some new hashtags and keywords to pull in a different audience, most likely.

If anything, at least they nailed the timing. While GTA fans have been pining for any information about the sixth main numbered installment for years now - practically since 5 launched - they've never been this thirsty for info. The interest in GTA 6 has fueled almost a decade of fake leaks and clickbaity non-articles from all corners of the media just because the term was so widely searched.

Yet, with such a busy past, recent months have still managed to become outstanding in terms of interest. It could be chalked up to frustrations caused by the global pandemic situation boiling over into the realm of hobbies, but fans have been getting increasingly agitated by the radio silence on GTA 6 to the point of doing some pretty crazy stunts on live TV just to coax acknowledgement out of Rockstar.

Things have gotten to the point where Michael de Santa's voice actor, Ned Luke, even addressed the... fervor with which some enthusiasts are demanding news. The actor touched upon the subject in his recent post commemorating the anniversary of GTA 5's release.


Many fans have begun 'blaming' GTA Online for what they consider a drawn out waiting period for the next game. GTA 5 has had an enhanced port before, bringing it to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, then later to PC, and is now jumping platforms again with Expanded and Enhanced. This is seen by many as Rockstar milking the title too much.

Additionally, GTA Online reportedly is to blame for the lack of singleplayer DLC for the game, as development resources were cannibalized for the multiplayer mode. With Online going standalone when Expanded and Enhanced releases, it's basically confirmed that it's a cash cow Take-Two Interactive intends to keep (and that's also a point against the live-service style map updates claimed by Thats So Bold).

In any case, no matter how much you're pining for GTA 6 news, this isn't where to find it.

Aron Gerencser
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