Rockstar says "goodbye" to Grand Theft Auto 5?

Rockstar Games has certainly made the most of Grand Theft Auto 5's success and popularity, first releasing the game in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and then porting it to two additional generations of consoles over the subsequent years. With more than 169 million units sold (and still counting), some would say that it's high time for Rockstar to finally said goodbye to GTA 5, if only to pave the way for GTA 6.

Rockstar Games set a high bar for GTA 6 after selling 169 million copies of GTA 5 in 9 years.

After penning a thank you letter to the thousands of individuals involved in Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online's creation, GTA fans are convinced that this is Rockstar's way of giving the best-seller a proper send-off.

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In a way, it makes sense that Rockstar publish the credits this month. GTA 5 first came out on September 17, 2013. As we inch closer to the game's ninth anniversary, you can't blame fans for thinking that a GTA 6 reveal is imminent. But, that's all speculation at this point. The only thing we can confirm about GTA 6 is that Rockstar is working on it.

When you think about it, Rockstar could drop more info about GTA 6 on the 17th as GTA 5 celebrates its 9th birthday.

Official statements aside, there's plenty of talk about GTA 6 in the gaming community. Most recently, fans are speculating that Rockstar is using GTA Online to tease GTA 6 after a new set of shirts appear to show "unique" GTA-like locations. On the other hand, another fan just proved how quickly it is to make up false Grand Theft Auto info by faking a map.

Most likely, we're a year o more away from a proper GTA 6 reveal. However, it goes without saying that we certainly wouldn't be complaining if a shorter teaser were to appear in the next few months.

Ray Ampoloquio
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