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Rockstar Games rolls out fix for car-deleting GTA Online bug

Unfortunately, despite the fix, the missing vehicles are, well, still gone.

A developer over at Rockstar Games appears to have typed in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheat, "WHEELSONLYPLEASE", by mistake and applied it to GTA Online because fans are livid after finding out that their priced vehicles in the game have vanished - seemingly forever.

Following the most recent San Andreas Mercenaries update, which came out last June 13, the bug appears to target cars at random, losing cars for good regardless of whether the vehicle has an insurance policy or not.

As a result, they get destroyed and thrown off to the junkyard of digital oblivion permanently.

It's unclear if Rockstar will issue a server-wide fix for all the missing cars or if the victims will have to manually file a complaint.

Under ordinary circumstances in GTA Online, players who purchase their rides from Los Santos Customs can purchase insurance policies for a small amount of in-game cash. Vehicles purchased from the in-game internet are automatically draped with a protective insurance layer. However, this recent bug shows no respect for the insured status of your cars, ruthlessly removing the policies and leaving the vehicles defenseless.

Many dismayed players have reported heart-wrenching losses of their prized cars, such as the MK2 Oppressor, which comes with an GTA$8 million price tag. This is a notable amount, considering that a Shark Card, which gifts a GTA Online player GTA$10 million in-game dollars, costs a cool $99.99 (£59.99) in real-world money. Other reports of vehicular disappearances include the Kreiger supercar and the Ruiner sports car.

The San Andreas Mercenaries update has another trick up its sleeve too; it removes 195 cars from the regular in-game stores, although a majority of them are still available through other channels.

There were also reports of another glitch causing vehicles stored in the purchasable Mobile Operations Center to go missing, a problem that Rockstar has addressed with a background update.

Rockstar Games is aware of the former glitch and has released a solution, but we're not in the clear just yet.

According to Tez2, the fix only applies "for the first personal vehicle slot."

GTA Online, having seen numerous DLC updates since its inception, recently went through one of its most significant updates. The San Andreas Mercenaries update added a massive amount of fresh content, attracting many players. However, updates always carry risks, and this time it's an insurance bug causing headaches.

The implications of this bug are somewhat troubling considering GTA Online's monetization model, which allows players to convert real-world money into in-game money through Shark Cards. Consequently, players could spend significant real-world money on in-game vehicles, only to lose them forever due to the glitch.

It's unknown what caused this bug to appear in GTA Online in the first place.

In the meantime, Rockstar is doing the right thing and asking players who fell victim to this bug to submit a report to Rockstar Games Customer Support, so that they can receive proper compensation.


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  1. @EliteGamer,
    Still though, they are to blame for who they hire and the incompetence being a widespread issue means it IS a Rockstart issue.

  2. @xXGameSlayerXx,
    Maybe this is down to who they hire? I don't know their process. I mean I expect there to be mistakes with anything related to tech, things happen but some gaming devs have much higher rates which makes me believe this is down to individuals they choose to hire.

  3. It seems like they are already making some progress with fixing the game. I am not sure how much will end up being fixed though. They seem to take shortcuts when they can.

  4. @EliteGamer,
    Are you sure you can't believe this? They have made so many mistakes over the years, I just expect this level of incompitence.

    Don't get me wrong, I love GTA V and I will get the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that... But we have to know that there are people that work as these companies that make mistakes more than they should be. I doubt Rockstar even fires people at this point lol

  5. I was just going to make a thread about this. I can't believe the people that work at this studio... :cautious:

    Needless to say, a buddy I play with online rage quit, possibly for good over this. They removed his Oppressor MK2 and when he submitted a ticket they claimed there is no proof he ever owned it. He tried contacting them 3 separate times and now they are ignoring him.

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