Rockstar Announces GTA Music Video Contest Winner

Recently, Rockstar sponsored a competition asking players to create the official music video for the song “Leave” by Wavves.

Leave was featured in the soundtrack of GTA V, and runners up had to create a video clip for the song made entirely in the Rockstar Editor, the PC exclusive gameplay capture and video editing software that was developed specially for GTA V. Players have made use of the Rockstar Editor in many creative ways. The most common use for the software is the recreation of popular scenes from films, series or other games in the world of GTA V. We’ve reported on some of the most impressive creations, such as the recreation of Mad Max, John Wick, and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Rockstar obviously took notice of all the extremely talented people making use of the software.


The winning video of the competition would be considered the official music video for the song, and its creator would win an exclusive Rockstar Editor licensed Logitech gaming mouse and keyboard, a hoard of in-game gear and $100 in Rockstar Warehouse store credit. Two runners up will receive the same $100 gift card as well as a smaller in-game reward pack.

The winner of the contest was announced today. YeahMAP’s video was the one that ended up taking first place. Check out the video below:

This has now become the official music video for the song “Leave” by Wavves. Now that The Lab Radio Station is available on all platforms, GTA V players should be pretty familiar with the song. To celebrate the release of Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, Rockstar is raffling out five stylish “Welcome to Los Santos” vinyls. The vinyls contain a collection of songs from the GTA V soundtrack, this one being among them.

What do you think of the video? Did you enter the competition?

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