PSA: Don't Spare GTA Online Hackers For Money

With the recent return of the dreaded insurance fraud hack for GTA Online, the issue has become as bad as ever. Hackers can now steal your in-game cash directly from your account and dock you with Bad Sport points by simulating the destruction of their personal vehicles. Since Shark Cards can be purchased to acquire in-game cash, this means hackers now have the means to steal actual money.

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Now, the regular players has two ways of fighting a hacker: quit and report. Leaving the lobby and switching sessions deprives them of their sick entertainment and reporting them can get them banned for good. However, when players start giving hackers free reign in exchange for petty cash, this advantage is lost.


Quitting and reporting is already a kind of last resort for players who are preyed upon by hackers. It doesn't directly solve the problem. It has become a regular occurrence that whenever a hacker is discovered (they're not usually ones for keeping a low-profile anyway), players call upon everyone else in the lobby to report said hacker.

However, every time there are a few who, in the hopes of some easy money, offer not to report the hacker in exchange for cash drops. As most players know, hackers have the ability to spawn in stacks of GTA $, which can be picked up by anyone. This carries significant risk of a ban as hacker money is detected by Rockstar's automatic system.

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Hackers have always been a blight on GTA Online. They interfere with the regular operation of the game, causing crashes, untimely deaths and worse for the other players in the lobby. This issue has been persisting in GTA Online for almost as long as the game has been around.

Rockstar has tried to solve the problem several times in the past, however these methods were either bypassed or too destructive to maintain. They applied a quick hotfix for the previous insurance fraud hack, however with the recent update, the Bad Sport and Insurance systems were restored, thus once again enabling the use of the hack.


Many players have suggested the disabling of both systems permanently, as they aren't particularly crucial for the functioning of GTA Online. So far Rockstar has to officially comment on the issue and what they plan on doing about it, however they're undoubtedly working on a permanent solution right now.

You can report hackers by contacting Have you guys encountered any hacker using this method in GTA Online recently?


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