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Looking for GTA 5 mods? Check out all the latest modding articles that we've posted right here... Or you can read up mods for the PC version of GTA V further below.

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And to confirm, modding is only possible on the PC version of the game, not any of the console versions.

About GTA 5 Mods

What are GTA mods? Mods stands for modifications, and they are essentially game files that someone has created, usually for free, to change various aspects of a Grand Theft Auto game - be it the weapons, vehicles, clothes, missions, environments, players themselves - just about anything really.


Mods really only exist on the PC versions of GTA games because modding on a console is extremely hard and requires a hacked console - not something that we really condone. Yes, there are mods for the console versions of GTA IV for example, but we aren't going to cover them on this site. Also, another extremely important word of warning: you should not attempt to use mods with GTA Online! This will very likely result in a ban and is not something that we endorse. Do not use mods in GTA Online.

Mods are usually installed by simply over-writing the default game files on your hard-drive with ones given to you by the mod developer, but there are also sometimes more complex installation packages created by the developers. In any event, you are generally unable to install different mod packages on top of one another, so should always make a backup of your GTA V game files before you do any modding.

You should also be careful when downloading mods to ensure that the source is reliable and doesn't contain any nasty malware or otherwise. The modding sources we've listed below are a good place to start. Also be aware that as mods are usually created by fans without massive development budgets, they may contain bugs and bring out about issues that could, for example, crash your game.

To conclude, just like cheats, mods can be a great source of entertainment in Grand Theft Auto games and we've already seen and reviewed literally hundreds of amazing mods right here on GTA BOOM!

Modding Sources

Here's some GTA V modding sources (GTA BOOM is not affiliated with these websites, please proceed at your own risk):

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