Mission & Weapon Unlock Levels, Sultan RS Spawn and More


Here’s a sampling of some recent updates to our GTA V and GTA Online hints and tips pages. We have over one hundred helpful pieces of information for each, so make sure you check them out!

GTA Online Mission Unlock Levels

If you’re looking for a handy guide that explains what rank you need to be in GTA Online to access a specific mission then look no further than this list. And just remember, if your host is the required level then you can be any rank whatsoever!

GTA Online Weapon Unlock Levels

Want access to the Carbine Rifle or the Heavy Sniper? Check out this list for what rank you’ll need to obtain before being able to purchase them or any other weapon in GTA Online. If you’re looking for the item rank unlock levels, check here.

Sultan RS Spawn Locations (Story Mode & GTA Online)

The Sultan RS is an iconic car for the Grand Theft Auto series and the good news is that even though you can’t purchase one in GTA 5, they do spawn in both Story Mode and GTA Online. Check here to see where and when you’ll be able to grab one for yourself.

Solo Repeatable $12K GTA Online Mission

There is currently quite a few glitches that let you earn both cash and Reputation Points in GTA Online quickly and easily. However, Rockstar has said these will be patched quickly (as will any future ones). That said, there are quite a few solo-able missions that pay quite well. “Coveted” is one of them and can earn you over $100K per hour. Check out the details of this mission here.

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