Michael's Murder Mystery Side-Mission Guide - Unlocking Vintage Filters

If you are a returning player of GTA 5 on the 'Enhanced' version of the game (PS4, Xbox One or PC) then you will be able to access exclusive "returning players only" content. One such piece of content is known as the 'Michael's Murder Mystery'. It is a side-mission in which you solve a mysterious murder. Upon successful completion of this side-mission, you will unlock 2 Vintage Noir Filters which you can apply on your display and play the game with those filters on.

The side-mission can only be played as the protagonist Michael. Please also make sure you have completed the story mode mission 'MELTDOWN' (it involves Merryweather agents going to Michael's home) before you attempt this side-mission or else it won't work.

When you find these clues and murder related content, you will hear a bass impact sound effect followed by a film reel sound effect which fades out. Then you will see a quick save icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. This indicates that you have found the clue successfully and that you can move onto the next one.

Quick Save loading icon which shows up as you approach the clue indicating successful discovery of the clue

The Clues

In order to start solving this murder mystery, the first thing you need to do is to find the four clues around the Vinewood area. These four clues are engraved messages on the walls which lead to the next part of the mystery. These clues can be found at the locations listed below.


Clue 1 - The Gentry Manor Hotel

You can find the first clue in The Gentry Manor Hotel. The clue is in the backyard right after the pool. You will find the message engraved into the wall next to an archway. The messages reads:


Clue 2 - Galileo Observatory

You can find the second clue at the Galileo Observatory. You will find a message engraved on the wall on the south side of the observatory. The message reads:


Clue 3 - City Hall

The third clue is at the City Hall located in Alta. You will find the message engraved in a recess at the back of the City Hall building. The message reads:


Clue 4 - Oriental Theatre

You can find this clue engraved on the west side of the entrance of the Oriental Theatre in Downtown Vinewood. You can find the message engraved behind a couple of palm trees. The message reads:


Underwater Body

After finding the clues, according to the 4th clue, there is a dead body of a woman, who was killed because she "knew too much". Apparently, she was drowned. We can find the dead body of this victim underwater near Fort Zancudo. It is deep underwater just off the coast to the west.

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The victim will have cemented feet suggesting that she drowned and couldn't escape due to the weight on her feet. It is recommended that you either get Scuba Diving Gear or a Submarine to locate this body as it is quite deep and you won't be able to breath for a long time underwater.

Solomon Richard’s Office

After discovering the body, you need to head to 'Richards Majestic Productions' Office after 9 P.M. (21:00) in-game time. You won't be able to enter the office before 9 P.M. After 9 P.M. when you visit the office, you will see a yellow marker indicating that you can enter the office.

Solomon Richards Office located in Backlot City, Los Santos
Entrance to the office with a yellow highlighted marker

When you enter the office, you will find a letter on the desk. You need to approach the letter and simply read it in order to successfully complete this part of the mystery. Upon exiting the letter screen, and after reading it, you will again hear the film reel and bass impact sound effect indicating successful completion of this clue discovery. The letter is addressed to David Richards, father of Solomon Richards, by an individual named Fred Quincy.

Letter sitting on Solomon Richards desk
Letter to David Richards by Fred Quincy confessing about the murders he did

The Letter reads:


August 14th, 1949

Dear David,

I think by now you know that I made some mistakes I mean, we all have. We are flawed men, and me, who has focused so much on perfection, perhaps the most flawed of all.

I know you know the whole story, or enough of it, and I am sure you must be sick to your stomach with me, but let me ask you, what choice did I have? To have some strumpet, good for nothing three dollar whore behind a type writer threaten me and my legacy! It was the best choice I could have made. It was the only choice I could have made. And I know it was an ugly choice but that is the problem with sin. Sin begets sin, and my sins have multiplied.

I know you know the business about Isaac. Well, that was a couple of years ago and things were just getting back to normal. Nobody knew about it. Just you, me, my lawyers, Abe Schwartzman over at Browne Canyon, nobody who didn't have their own, perhaps more allegorical skeletons in the closet. Isaac betrayed me, in the worst way possible. Not that business with Maureen. The honest truth is that when I met her she was turning tricks to buy hot dogs, so what could I expect? No, Isaac betrayed me in the worst way possible. He did not give his all on the Bip The Dog movie. I warned him, but I knew he was already flirting with Abe about a live action gig at BC. He even shot a short for him. On my film stock. I'd been drinking and we got into it. We've all done it. I buried him in mine up in the hills, then called Abe and offered him a deal to forget about Isaac. Abe's made a few mistakes himself, including that nasty business with the busboy, so he shut up, as far as I know.

I hope you understand how much I value our friendship, and trust nothing would ever encourage you to gossip inappropriately about me. Let me be quite frank for a second. Were you to do that, well, clearly I am quite prepared to make difficult decisions and I'd make them again. But just to solidify what has always been a very important relationship to me, I wanted to help you out of sport of bother. Freds will buy a 5% stale in Richards Majestic for $450,000. We both know this is significantly over market rate and we both know that this ties us together, as the brothers we truly are. You're a talented man who needs to get back to doing what he does best. Less of this artistic nonsense. Action, and plenty of it. When people think of Richards Majestic they think broads, hoods and Tommy Guns. So give them what they want.

We make dreams come true. It's an incredible responsibility.

Your friend.

Fred Quincy

The Abandoned Mineshaft

After you've read the letter, you discover that in the hills there is a mine where Fred dumped Isaac's body. In order to find the body you need to get access to the abandoned mine shaft located up in the hills in Great Chaparral. In order to enter the mine shaft, you need to blow open the entrance door. You can do this using any explosive weapon such as sticky bombs, grenades, RPG or even a Railgun. Make sure to have a flashlight attachment on one of your guns as it is pitch dark inside the shaft and you won't be able to see anything without it.

After you blow open the door, you can enter the mine. You need to keep walking for a couple of seconds until you come across an intersection leading to either left direction or right direction. You don't need to go to either of these directions. You will find a dead body at this intersection with a film reel next to it. This is Isaac's body which was dumped here by David Richards friend Fred Quincy. Once you've found the body, the same bass impact sound with a film reel sound effect will play in the background indicating successful discovery of the dead body.

Isaac's Dead Body in the Abandoned Mineshaft

When you are standing close to the film reel near Isaac's dead body, you will see an option on the top left corner of your screen which will say "Press *button* to cycle Vintage filters". When you press the button, which is Right D-pad on the consoles, a vintage filter will be applied on your screen.

Option to cycle through the vintage filters when standing near the film reel

Another way of accessing these filters is through your phone. Isaac will be added as a contact in your phone. You can call him up in order to change the filter. Call him once to apply the first Vintage filter. Calling him again will change it to the next vintage filter and after you call him for the third time the filter will be removed and the display will change back to normal.

Isaac added as a Contact

Vintage Filters

There are two Vintage Filters which are unlocked after successful completion of this murder mystery side mission. They are shown below.

No Filter. Calling Isaac to apply the Vintage Filter
Vintage Filter 1
Vintage Filter 2


Q - Is this content available for everyone?

A - No, this content is only available for returning players, meaning, the players who previously owned GTA 5 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 but now switched to the new 'Enhanced' version of the game on the new-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 or the PC.

Q - I am a returning player but the clue sound is not playing when I find the clues, why?

A - This is possibly due to the fact that you might have come across the clue earlier during your gameplay without realizing it. You should try and go through the other clues and see if it makes a sound. if it does, then you're good to go and continue with the mystery.

Q - I am a returning player and have completed up until the Office. I cannot enter the office, why?

A - You will not be able to enter the office if you have not completed a story mode mission called 'MELTDOWN' which is a Solomon Richards mission. Also, you need to make sure you are trying to access the office after 9 P.M. (21:00) in-game time. Before 9 P.M. you won't get the option to enter the office.

Q - Can we carry out this murder mystery side-mission using other protagonist characters such as Franklin and Trevor?

A - No, you cannot. This side-mission is only possible when you're playing as Michael.

Enjoy solving the Murder Mystery!

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