List of all GTA Online collectibles and rewards

Collectibles are a fun way of spending your time in GTA Online and can reward players with fun or valuable in-game content such as $GTA, RP, and other items like clothing. They've been in the game for as long as we can remember and GTA Online collectibles have only increased in number ever since the game was launched.

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The collectibles are completely optional, so you don't necessarily need to collect them, but they can be a great source of replayability for end-game players. In this article, we've gathered all the collectibles available in GTA Online.

This article serves as a portal to our dedicated guides to the collectibles, so you can go to each collectible guide article and collect them.

Playing Cards

The Playing Card collectible is a special deck of cards and was added to the game as part of the Diamond Casino & Resort update. There are 54 playing cards scattered across the entire map, and collecting all of them unlocks an exclusive High Roller outfit.



Link: Playing Cards Collectible Guide & Locations - High Roller Outfit

Impotent Rage Action Figures

The Impotent Rage Action Figures collectible was added following the release of the Diamond Casino & Resort. There are 100 action figures scattered around the map, and collecting all one hundred unlocks a special satirical superhero outfit. You also get cash and RP for collecting the action figures.


Link: Action Figure Locations Guide

Signal Jammers

Signal Jammers is a new collectible type added as part of the Casino Heist update. There are 50 signal jammers around the city for you to destroy. Destroying all 50 jammers allows you to unlock a new heist crew member named Avi Schwartzman. Avi is probably one of the best hackers, as he is an expert-level hacker.

Avi Schwartzmann Data Contract

Link: All 50 Signal Jammer Locations - Unlock Avi Schwartzman

Peyote Plants

These notorious hallucinogens are not only available in the story mode of the game but also made their way into GTA Online. If you ever wanted to play as a Dog or perhaps a Cat, you can do that by consuming one of these mysterious Peyote Plants you can find all across Los Santos and Blaine County.


There are 76 Peyote Plants in GTA Online as opposed to the 27 found in story mode.

Link: Peyote Plants Locations

Movie Props

The Movie Props collectible was added as part of the Los Santos Summer update featuring various new pieces of content, including an Alien costume. However, to unlock the new outfit, you must collect a total of 10 movie props spread throughout Los Santos. You also get bonus cash and RP for the collection of the props.

Alien Costume Reward

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Link: Space Interloper / Alien Costume - Solomon Richards' Prop Locations & Random Events

Shipwreck Treasure Chests

There are various treasure chest spawn locations across the map, and you can find them next to shipwrecks. The catch is that only one chest spawns every 24 hours. You must collect seven chests for seven days in a row to unlock a special outfit called The Frontier Outfit.

There are 30 possible spawn locations, and the chest can spawn in any of these daily. You also get cash and RP for every single chest you collect.

Shipwreck Chest Featured

Link: Shipwreck Treasure Chests Locations

Antenna Locations

There are 10 Antennas you can find scattered throughout Los Santos. The Antenna collectibles are quite interesting as collecting all ten will unlock a new radio station called Still Slipping Los Santos. The "collection" in this context is repairing the antennas. This collectible was added during the Cayo Perico Heist update.

Antenna Visual

Link: Antenna Locations For Cayo Perico Heist

Cayo Perico Island Treasure Chests

You can find two daily treasure chests during the scope-out mission on Cayo Perico island. The spawn locations for the chests are fixed, but they spawn in a completely random order daily. You can collect these chests daily for GTA$15,000 and 1,000 RP per chest.

There are 19 spawn locations, with ten on land and nine underwater.

Chest Visual

Link: Treasure Chest Locations On Cayo Perico Island

Los Santos Tuners Media Sticks

Added as part of the Los Santos Tuners update, there are a total of four media sticks and one secret media stick. Collecting all four unlocks CircoLoco's EPs. Each EP is associated with one media stick.

In addition to unlocking the EPs, you also get 1,000 bonus RP per stick. Once you collect all the media sticks, you get an exclusive CircoLoco Tee reward.

Circoloco Tee

Link: Media Sticks Locations for Los Santos Tuners

The Contracts Media Sticks

Like the Los Santos Tuners Media Sticks, Rockstar added three new media sticks for you to find and collect as part of The Contract DLC. Each media stick unlocks a new song accessible via the interaction menu of your media player.

In addition to the songs, you also get an exclusive new hoodie.

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot . . . . .

Link: The Contract DLC - All USB / Media Sticks Locations

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