Learn GTA V Modding Using This Mod To Make Mods

We like to think GTA BOOM has established just how vast the GTA V modding community is. There are countless creative and/or talented people out there, making their own content for this already expansive game. We also frequently report on the best of these mods, and while some are more complex than others, even the simplest mod may seem like a massive undertaking to those who are unsure how it all happens.


Have you been inspired by what you've seen, and want to create your own GTA V mod, but don't have a clue how? Are your skills in coding lacking, and you’ve simply got no idea what all this script business is? Well, fret not, as there are great ways to getting into modding for newbies.

Firstly, considering how large the GTA V modding community is, you're sure to find a helpful soul out there who would gladly give you some tips. Checking out tutorials online is also a good way to start. However, if you're more a person of action, and just want t get right to it, the best way to makes mods is to use mods.


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More specifically, this mod. The Map Editor mod is what many modders use to alter or add to the existing GTA V world. It is the simplest form of modding, though with enough patience and skill, you can use it to make wacky shit like Planet Chimp. The map editor allows you to spawn any object or prop which exists in the GTA V game files (you could also add downloaded props, or make your own, but that's for more advanced users), position/rotate/skew/invert them in any way you wish, and move around the under-construction world freely with no restrictions. This is the mod with which all those unique race maps are made, all the new houses and mansions, the beach parties and the bat caves.

Who's keen on getting into GTA V modding?


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