GTA 5 Making Money Hints & Tips

Are you looking for GTA Online specific money making hints instead? Read this guide here, otherwise Shark Cards are the only way to get $GTA delivered directly to you in GTA Online. If you want to make serious money in GTA 5's story mode don't miss our stock market hints and tips... stocks are the best way to make single player millions!

How to Make Money in GTA 5

This page features all the tips and hints we have to help you make more money in Grand Theft Auto 5 and should be read in conjunction with our Stock Market Tips guide (which is where you can you make some serious cash). If you have any hints or tips of your own, feel free to send them in! By the way, the maximum amount of money you can earn in GTA V for each character is $2,147,483,647.00 - explanation.


Armored Car Robberies

When you see a blue dot on the map it means there is an armored car.

If it's parked and there is someone with a briefcase walking towards it, shoot that person and you'll get GTA$ 3,000 - 8,000 easy.

Otherwise steal the armored car and break open the back doors (an easy way of doing this is to just drive it into the water). You can also simply plant sticky bombs to the back of the car to blow it open, but take care - this will automatically saddle you with 3 wanted stars.

Armored cars spawn in fixed locations, and there is a cluster of five spawn locations close to one another in down town Los Santos centered around Little Seoul and La Puerta. There is another near Cypress Flats, one in Vinewood, and another in Paleto Bay. You can refer to this map for exact locations.

ATM Robberies

If you hang around ATMs and wait for people to withdraw cash before robbing them, they are much more likely to yield a decent chunk of change for your trouble. Typically, NPCs carry GTA$ 10-20 on them, however right after accessing an ATM that number increases to GTA$ 30-120.

Note that the AI has been programmed in a way that NPCs will note your presence if you act suspiciously, and leave the ATM. In this case, the regular low yield will apply. The best tactic is to incapacitate the NPC with a non-lethal weapon before robbing them for best results. The number of NPCs accessing ATMs is seemingly random, but in reality, the rate is just different at each ATM.

Easy $100,000 Mission

This mission has an equal chance of triggering for all three protagonists.

Anyway, when you're playing (particularly as Franklin and free roaming around his house) a blue marker might pop up near Little Bighorn Avenue, which is located in the South-eastern part of the city in the Rancho district.

If it does, investigate what's going because it might be a kid called Gray Nicholson telling you his bike got stolen.

If it is, then get it back for him, because later he'll text you saying he is a millionaire, and give $100,000!

Infinite Store Robberies

Here's a way to keep robbing Ammu-nation stores. It works because the money in Ammu-nation cash registers respawns very quickly!

  1. Head to any store that is open.
  2. Shoot the clerk from doorway with a silenced gun to avoid detection.
  3. Empty the cash registers, which can be opened with a melee attack or with a gun (again, silenced).
  4. Exit the store and walk about three car lengths away (you'll get to know the correct distance if you keep doing this...).
  5. Turn around and re-enter store - you'll find that the money has re-spawned!
  6. Grab the cash, exit and repeat.

Infinite Money #1

Note: this has been patched and the character switching method will now only work if you have an un-patched copy of the game. However, if instead of switching characters you quick save and then reload your game the briefcase will re-spawn.

You need to either swim or ideally drive a boat to the location shown in the map below in Paleto Bay, and then dive into the ocean and head to the very bottom.


You should see a sunken plane and to the right of it there will be a treasure box with $12,000 in it.

Once you've got the box the first time, switch characters and then change back again to your original character. The box should have respawned! If it hasn't try swimming further away and then doing the character switch back and forth.

Repeat this as many times as you like.

Infinite Money #2

Note: this has been patched and the character switching method will now only work if you have an un-patched copy of the game. However, if instead of switching characters you quick save and then reload your game the briefcase will re-spawn.

This infinite money hint operates on the same principles as the tip above except that the box contains $20,000!

The exact location of the briefcase can be seen on the image below. It is located at the Tataviam Mountains in a sunken ship.

Infinite Money #3

Note: this has been patched and the character switching method will now only work if you have an un-patched copy of the game. However, if instead of switching characters you quick save and then reload your game the briefcase will re-spawn.

This infinite money hint operates on the same principles as the tip above except that the box contains $25,000! There is also an MG SMG Rifle located among the wreckage. The best way to find it is follow the long pole till you come to the end of it and on a slab that the wreckage is standing on you will find the gun. There is also an Armor vest which is located near some rocks near the wreckage (face the wreckage with the briefcase on your left side and you are facing the hull door, then on your right hand side is where the vest is located). Also Grenades are located right next to the wreckage (go to the side where the money is and go straight down and the grenade will be right there). I would not recommend trying to find the MG Rifle in the dark it is almost impossible best to wait till daytime to try and find it.

Infinite Money #4

Note: this has been patched and the character switching method will now only work if you have an un-patched copy of the game. However, if instead of switching characters you quick save and then reload your game the briefcase will re-spawn.

This infinite money hint operates on the same principles as the tips above. The briefcase only contains $9,000 however there are several weapons hidden about in this section such as an UZI, Pump Action Shotgun, Sticky Bombs, Grenades Sniper Rifle & Carbine Assault Rifle. It will take at least 15 minutes to find all of them though. I would not recommend trying to find these in the dark as you will lose your bearings and miss some.


Save Sonny's Daughter - $60K

This explains how to do a "random encounter" in which you'll receive $60,000.

Head to the northern part of Paleto Bay along the dirt road (as shown in the map below) and you should find a random encounter where two guys were getting ready to kill a girl (the girl is actually mob boss "Sonny's" daughter).


Kill the guys and take the girl to where she wants to go (Vinewood).

Then later you'll get a call from her and $60,000 wired to your account.


Assassinations are missions given by Lester that let you affect the stock market, thus making significantly greater profits than with just about any other activity. To get the most out of assassinations, it is advisable to complete these missions after you finish the main storyline and use the income from The Big Score to buy up as much stock as you can, then selling it all after the assassination is complete to make a ton of money. The Hotel Assassination is the only one of these required to progress in the story, so for maximum profits you ought to skip all the others until you finished the main storyline.

Track Loot And Collectibles With Chop

If you take Chop, Franklin's dog which he gets from Lamar, on walks, he will sniff out loot and other collectibles like spaceship parts and the like. Using him to detect these items can make searching a whole lot easier.

Bust The Marijuana Farm

This event is only accessible by Trevor, on Thursdays, during Daytime.

If you travel down a small dead-end path on the eastern face of Mount Chiliad, you'll happen upon a small drug storehouse where some crooks are growing weed. If you take out all the armed guards in a short shootout, you can loot the building for instant cash rewards of varying amounts, with the minimum amount being GTA$ 60,000 but usually going above. The best thing is that this location respawns, so you can come back every now and then to shoot the goons and loot the goods all over again.


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  1. I forgot to invest in Beanmachine, now I’m at the end of the game and now that I have, the return percentage is 79.33 and I’m profiting $490k

  2. Can someone send me a bunch of money on gta 5 on xbox one? My username is calebboisoneau5. Id appreciate it a lot

  3. I have searched all the three locations they showed with 9k, 12k and 20k under water but found nothing. . Even with different characters. .. can any one help me out?

  4. This is one of the reasons I prefer PC. Works great with a trainer - 999,999,999 on each character is enough money for me. 😀

  5. I have a PS4 and I really really really NEED money, but those Shark Cards are a joke. My PSN is Zombie5isAlive or you could hit me up on facebook first. If anyone can help me out at all, PLEASE hit me up!

  6. You can get money when u rob a store and get the cash. Then u go out of the store but stay near by then when u hear a shocking sound go in and take the money on the floor over and over again

    1. If you go to a clothing store with 3 registers, you can walk away far enough or run and go back in and there will be 3 bags of meaning each containing anywhere from $70-$120

    1. U know when u die near the military base, and u appear at the hospital near the military base, well, from that hospital go straight to the military base, and on the side of the road there will be sony's daughter, and two men holding her and taking her to the van, if they don't appear, just kill u'r self and go again until they appe

    2. I found her after completing mission with Don when you jump out a plane on ATVs. After Don leaves on the jet ski, starting walking up the hill and the blue dot should appear.

  7. The money amount is wrong. I earned 2.4 Billion from investing in Pisswaiser when it was at $3. When I realized it peaked at $300, I sold all my shares and had a total of just over 2.4 billion Dollars. Go back couple years on my facebook page and you will see the picture with the amount.

  8. The infinite money glitch at AmmuNation works with every register in the game: the supermarket stores, ammunations, the clothing stores, the barber, and the tattoo artists. I tried them all amd they worked

    1. you can't rob supermarkets,only the small stores that are open 24/7 like the one near Franklin's Garage

  9. I found a money glitch for want to get a buzzard and fly to the highest part of the sky till you cant go no more.. you have to jump out and when your falling you want to hit this code for xbox360 .... y y x x left left right right down b b lb lb rb rb lt lt rt rt y y and I tried it whith mickeal and trever and it didn't work but it did with gives you 50.000.000 everytime .....have fun with this cheat try not to get it patched.

    1. it's fake,so don't waste time trying to enter as you won't be able...since hitting Y just drops the chute and sends character to death from falling at such heights

  10. After doing the first Devin quest with Franklin....I rode the bike down the coast and ran into Maryann who wanted to do a mini tri-athalon...after finishing that walk away from the the coast and you will run into Sonny's daughter. (Red dot's on the map).

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  13. be trevor and then go to the spot.(two red dots will apper and one blue dot kill the two bad people then thay drop lots of money) when you get sonys daugther to the place she wants to go she will phone you later then you get 60,000K

      1. I am a level 38 with about 20 grand pocket money and could give it to you through betting and i would purposely lose the match so you get the money.

  14. I like how people claim these are cheats when in fact all it is is tips on how to play the game and make money. Second I have followed many guides for GTA 5 for the ps4 and beat the game 5 times now. I have yet to make over 700. Million using the stock market guide. Most say you can make 1.4 to 2.4 billion. I haven't seen it yet.

  15. I sold my old Samsung smart phone on http://www.ching4ring.comfor more than I paid for it. They paid my shipping, wiped my phone and paid me the same day they go my phone via PayPal. That old phone has been sitting in a drawer for months and I never knew I could get money for it ($200!). I didn't feel right throwing it away and am glad I didn't. I didn't have to take a bunch of annoying phone calls or meet strangers in dark alleys to sell it. Highly recommended!

  16. i got the sonnys daughter mission early in the game as trevor, i was able to sneak up from the east n get really close to them before they saw me.

  17. i say just (trust me) kill online pickup money leave or trap friends for money or spam parachute or other mission that are easy

  18. I can´t find this suit...Perhaps Microsoft fixed this "bug"....somebody knows something about it? Or should I unlock any level first....I´ve just begin play GTA V in my Xbox One.... Tks.

  19. I have the 100% fool proof way of making a ton of money. I stumble into to this way and it is worked for Michael and Franklin. I turned 26,000,000 to 400,000,000. I is so simple and works.

  20. I don't really see the point in trying to make more money...if you play the stock market correctly in conjunction with Lester's Assassination missions, you'll hit the money limit and have as much money as the game allows anyway. I can see it if you're not that far into the game yet, since you could use the money to upgrade cars, buy weaponsz etc, but in the end it doesn't make a huge difference.

    1. i did a ps4 hack where u invest in life invader and immediately withdraw it . your money doubles now i have 2 billion for each character

  21. The cash registers at suburban clothing store work just like the ammu-nation ones, shoot each register, run outside then go back in

    1. find the dingy ( small infated boat) in the marina, when you jump off the dingy into water you will have scuba gear on, once you exit the water onto land it will go away...

  22. Go into any grocery store with an ATM, rob the store, Deposit money in ATM and if your caught, you keep the money, or hit start then online, then creator, once there, click exit to gta v online and rob it again and again, and again easy, works every time

      1. What place? I been out here forever & I can't find sonnys daughter either. Is it that raggly shack & that blue car?

  23. I gon confused with the 100,000 dollar misson which house the mansion got franklin get or the you get at the start of the game

  24. i just had the kids bike yesterday and i keep it i thought that bikes were rare and i found out that you can buy them at pedal to the metal website i better give it back.

  25. The easy 100,000 also works with Trevor too, once you give the back to the kid Trevor will say "nobody likes a bully"or something like that

    1. that works with every character
      and the kid gives u 100,000 in shares of a company i think it is animal ark

    2. From where the blue dot appear
      I was roaming around the house But can't find it
      Particularily as franklin

    1. It is an interactive app for your iPhone. You must, in real life, download the iFruit app for your real life iPhone and then you can interact with Chop via this connection between yourself and the game; from your iPhone.

  26. non of the infinite money glitches work as of title update for gta online... although im sure if you delete the update (since it is only 39MB (for ps3 anyways)) it should re-activate.

    1. did u try that deleating the update??? but u ont b able to play the game.. it asks for update ... wat if after deleting the update game again begins from level 1????@lucianadamson:disqus and @entrep plsss help us

      1. I haven't deleted it because im actually on my second play through and am now deep in GTA online now that it has become functional. It will ask for the update if you try to go online. If it does ask for it on game start-up, you just press O and bypass it. You just wont be able to play online until you reinstall it... no biggie since its only 40 megabytes (about a 10 second download for me)

      2. but nw i already updated ... nw wat should i do abt money glitch in single player....????any news abt money glitch??

      3. can u tell me @lucianadamson:disqus how to remove that upgrade from ps3??? plss write me down the steps na for ps3

  27. Ammu-nation tip:
    1. Shoot clerk from doorway.
    2. Empty registers.
    3. Exit store and walk about three car lengths away.
    4. Turn around and re-enter store.

    5. The money has respawned!
    6. Exit, repeat!

    1. This has been partially patched. The doors will lock and not let you in, BUT I parked a four wheeler in the doorway and it got stuck inside the door, allowing me to re-enter and collect the loot like I stated above.

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