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GTA V Gets The Best Batmobile Yet

Say what you will about the PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight (and you'd be right too - that port is ridden with bugs and terribly optimized), but the game's Batmobile is one of the best looking bat-vehicles in any kind of DC media, be it comics, films, animations or games.

The Batmobile in the game could be fitted with a number of skins, including the MK2 skin, which indicated an upgraded version of the tank.


Since modding is kind of a big thing in GTA V on PC, it should come as no surprise that the Batmobile has been added to the game on several occasions. Since the iconic vehicle has about as many incarnations as the Iron Man armor from rival Marvel Comics, you can imagine how many hits you'll get when searching for a Batmobile GTA V mod.


Esrohraw, a modder personally responsible for several Batmobile variants being available in GTA V, including multiple skin variants of the vehicle's Arkham Knight incarnation, has finally brought the best looking version to GTA V.

The MK2 skin for the Batmobile (don't let the name fool you, this is hardly the second version of the legendary vehicle, not even in the Arkham continuity) features a color scheme more reminiscent of the Adam West and Animated Batman series, namely less black, more grey, and some yellow accents.


This mod works as an addon in that it does not replace any of the vehicles already present in the game, rather it exists as an additional item. The modder really paid attention to detail with this incarnation of the Batmobile, as the mod includes an authentic and high-quality interior cockpit model, so you'll be seeing the pseudo-science-fiction holographic control interface which Batman would use to control the tank.

Which variant of the Batmobile would you want to see modded into GTA V?


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