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GTA Online: Deadline Helmet On Any Outfit

Rockstar finally added the Shotaro to GTA Online two days ago, alongside a new outfit and Adversary Mode. All three new additions were greatly inspired by Tron, one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of the 80's. The outfit became an instant hit due to it's unique Sci-Fi design, however fans begrieved the fact that the various elements could not be mixed and matched with other outfits - until now.


A bit about the update itself, first. The new Adversary Mode, titled Deadline, is basically just Tron's light-cycle battles adapted to GTA Online's mechanics. The only major difference is that instead of the energy-trails forming endless walls, their length is limited, and rather become "tails" that follow the player's Shotaro.

Playing the new Mode is required to unlock the Shotaro for purchase at Legendary Motorsports, and the bike costs a whopping $2,225,000, making it the most expensive bike in the game by far. However, some might argue that it's worth it, since it's also the fastest and has great handling.


The outfits are similarly quite expensive. Each version costs 200K, placing them on-par with some cars in the game. The outfits have a similar design and color scheme as the bikes themselves, and a unique helmet to boot. Unfortunately, the jumpsuit and helmet can only be used in unison. Normally.

Naturally, with the high number of outfit glitches present in GTA Online, players instantly began hunting for an unorthodox way of using the helmet on other outfits - and they found one. Now, keep in mind that since this outfit doesn't alter gameplay, and the glitch is present in the game due to first-party code, this is not a bannable offense, nor does it violate any of Rockstar's policies - which is why we're writing about it in the first place.


While such harmless glitches are fine, remember that any activity that disrupts gameplay or involves third-party tampering will result in bans and suspensions. Recently, Rockstar made some changes to its suspension policy, making them pretty damn strict. Don't worry though, wearing a neon glowing helmet with say, a suit, shouldn't incur their wrath.

The glitch was discovered by Reddit user Wunder_Steam, who broke down the process into a step-by-step guide. The glitch was confirmed as working on all three platforms by multiple players.

  1. Set "Auto show helmet" to "On".
  2. Purchase the Deadline outfit of your choice and equip it.
  3. Select the "Deadline helmet" of your choice and set it as you biker helmet.
  4. Park really close to a clothing store entrance.
  5. Stand about 10ft away from bike and press Y (Xbox), Triangle (PS4) or whatever button you enter vehicles with (PC, the default is F)
  6. Approach the vehicle and change your outfit to the one you want to combine with the Deadline helmet
  7. Once the helmet is put on, hop off the bike and run into the clothing store as quickly as you can
  8. Stand near a clothing option and wait until your character starts to remove their helmet As soon as they do, open the clothing option you're standing next to
  9. You'll know you've done it right when the helmet is stuck in your hand, now save the outfit TWICE. (it will not work if you save it once)

What GTA Online outfit will you match with the Deadline helmet?


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