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GTA 6 Might Be Called GTA Vice According To Leak

Vicecity Boat

We've got our first post-official confirmation of GTA 6 leak, and if this is anything to go by, then now that the cat is out of the bag about Grand Theft Auto 6, we're going to see many more insiders share their rumors at the drop of a hat. This time around, it's about the game's name, which might not end up being a numbered title at all.

Years of anticipation, speculation, leaks, rumors and even frustrations about the next game in the franchise have been unilaterally poured into the name "GTA 6". However the game following GTA 5 need not necessarily be 6 at all - this franchise is no stranger to unnumbered entries, what with eternal classics like San Andreas and lesser known spin-offs like Vice City Stories out there.

Over the years, while leaks have been vague, inconsistent and contrary, one of the most frequent and roughly consistent detail has been the prevailing rumor that the next game in the series is returning to Vice City. As such, the name suggested by the informant in this case does not come as a huge surprise.

According to Matheusbr9895_, internal chatter from Rockstar Games implies that the final name of the game has not been nailed down yet, but currently the developers are considering "something like" GTA Vice, putting a spin on the numeral 'VI' by combining it with a location name, and a reference to the stylistic naming scheme popularized by Miami Vice.

It's worth mentioning that this same source previously predicted that Expanded and Enhanced will be delayed to April or May, and yet recently Rockstar Games confirmed the March 15 release date, so take the new information as you will. The Tweet is worded as 'something like' and 'subject to change' anyway, making it seem rather flimsy as far as leaks go.

Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos

With buzz around the game undoubtedly boosted by the official confirmation, we can expect more similar, minor leaks to flood our timelines in the near future.


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