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GTA 5 Sold Over 120 Million Copies

We're fairly certain that Rockstar Games went through a whole arc when it comes to sales milestones. Initially it was joyous as it should be, and as time dragged on and Rockstar kept smashing them, their significance only grew. But after a point, it lost its edge. Yeah, 80 million. 100 million, cool I guess. At this point? The 120 million mark is just another workday.

And yet, the absolute insanity that we've reached this point stands. Grand Theft Auto 5, a game released almost 7 years ago, has sold over 120 million copies. The 110 million copy mark was reached last May, so compared to itself GTA 5 is slowing down when it comes to sales. But in the grand scheme of things, 10 million copies in less than a year is amazing - especially considering the game's age.

The release of the Diamond Casino & Resort, followed closely by the Diamond Casino Heist ended up giving the game a huge boost in the past quarter, leading it to exceed Take-Two Interactive's expectations. Those expectations were probably pretty high considering the game's track record, so that's saying much.

Continued DLC releases contribute greatly to maintaining a high player count with such consistency, and even lead to increases. The Casino in particular became a smash hit, seeing as it ended the years-long saga of the embattled in-game casino. Time and again a leak would predict the opening of the casino, turning out to be fake every time. Now, it finally happened.

The updates helped Rockstar hit its busiest holiday season of all time, with GTA Online players peaking in December thanks to the Casino Heist DLC. Everyone and their friends were keen on robbing the place they had sunk untold amounts of GTA$ into for months prior.

GTA 5 seems like a game that will never stop moving colossal amounts of copies, but the impending release of the next generation of consoles might put a stop to this behemoth - unless Rockstar releases it on PS5 and Xbox Series X.


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