GTA 5 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for Grand Theft Auto 5. If you are looking for console commands then look no further than right here.



Action Primary
Pause P
Radar Zoom/Multiplayer Info Z
Cycle Camera V
Toggle Special Ability CAPS LOCK
Character Selector Left ALT
Switch to Michael F5
Switch to Franklin F6
Switch to Trevor F7
Switch to GTA Online F8
Interaction Menu M
Start/Stop Recording F1
Start/Stop Action Replay Recording F2
Cancel Recording F3
Context Action E


Action Primary
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Sprint Left SHIFT
Enter Vehicle F
Stealth Mode Left CTRL
Look Behind (on foot) C


Action Primary Secondary
Aim Weapon/ Lock-On RMB
Take Cover Q
Grenade/Sticky Bomb G
Light Melee Attack R
Heavy Melee Attack O
Melee Dodge SPACEBAR
Fire Weapon LMB
Reload R
Toggle weapon accessory E
Sniper/Camera Zoom in Mouse Wheel forward ]
Sniper/Camera Zoom in Mouse Wheel back [

Weapon Selection

Action Primary
Weapon Wheel TAB
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel forward
Previous weapon Mouse Wheel back
Select Unarmed 1
Select Melee 2
Select Shotgun 3
Select Heavy Weapon 4
Select Special Weapon 5
Select Pistol 6
Select SMG 7
Select Assault Rifle 8
Select Sniper Rifle 9

Vehicle Controls

Action Primary Secondary
Exit Vehicle F
Next Vehicle Weapon Mouse Wheel forward Tab
Previous Vehicle Weapon [
Look Behind (in Vehicle) C
Next Radio Station . Mouse Wheel down
Previous Radio Station ,
Next custom radio track =
Previous custom radio track -
Cinematic Camera R
Radio Wheel Q
Cinematic Slowmo L
Duck X
Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed Up Mouse Wheel forward PAGEUP
Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed Down PAGEDOWN

Other Vehicle Controls

Action Primary Secondary
Accelerate W
Brake S
Steer Left A
Steer Right D
Lean/Tilt Forward Left SHIFT Num8
Lean/Tilt Backward Left CTRL Num5
Fire drive-by weapon LMB
Aim drive-by weapon RMB
Headlights H
Handbrake SPACEBAR
Horn E
Bicycle Sprint CAPS
Bicycle Front Break Q
Toggle Driving Mouse Control (Hold) LMB
Convertible raise/lower top H (when stopped)

Aircraft Controls

Action Primary
Aircraft Throttle Up W
Aircraft Throttle Down S
Aircraft Yaw Left A
Aircraft Yaw Right D
Aircraft Roll Left Num4
Aircraft Roll Right Num6
Aircraft Pitch Forward Num8
Aircraft Pitch Back Num5
Aircraft Fire Space
Aircraft Target Left Num7
Aircraft Target Right Num9
Toggle Landing Gear G
Aircraft Grappling Hook/VTOL Mode E
Toggle Aircraft Weapon Camera INSERT
Toggle Aircraft Mouse Control (Hold) LMB

Submersible Controls

Action Primary
Sub Throttle Up W
Sub Throttle Down S
Sub Hard Turn Left A
Sub Hard Turn Right D
Sub Turn Left Num4
Sub Turn Right Num6
Sub Pitch Forward Num8
Sub Pitch Back Num5
Sub Ascend Left SHIFT
Sub Descend Left CTRL
Toggle Submersible Mouse Control (Hold) LMB

Parachute Controls

Action Primary Secondary
Parachute Pitch Forward W
Parachute Pitch Back S
Parachute Turn Left A
Parachute Turn Right D
Parachute Deploy LMB F
Parachute Detach F
Parachute Break Left Q
Parachute Break Right E
Parachute Precision Control Left SHIFT
Parachute Smoke X

Cellphone Commands

Action Primary Secondary
Use Phone Up Arrow Middle Mouse
Phone Up UP arrow
Phone Down DOWN arrow
Phone Left LEFT arrow
Phone Right RIGHT arrow
Phone Select ENTER LMB
Phone Option DEL
Phone Special Option SPACEBAR MMB
Phone Scroll Forward Mouse Wheel back
Phone Scroll Back Mouse Wheel forward
Change Mode (Camera) MMB E
Change Expression (Camera) X
Toggle Grid (Camera) G
Adjust Depth of Field (Camera) F

GTA Online Keys

Action Primary
Text Chat Everyone T
Text Chat Team Y
Push to Talk N
Point at B
Drop weapon F9
Drop Ammunition F10

Director Mode

Action Primary
Director Mode Menu M
Speed Control Left CTRL


Action Primary
Start Recording F1
Stop Recording F1
Action Replay ON F2
Action Replay OFF F3
Action Replay SAVE F1
Cancel Recording F3

Timeline Editing

Action Primary
Switch menu/times ESC / RMB
Playhead Control Mouse Wheel scroll
Navigation W,A,S,D / Cursors
Pick Clip Hold LMB / Left CTRL + X
Place Clip Release LMB / ENTER / Left CTRL + V
Duplicate Clip Left CTRL + C
Edit Clip LMB / ENTER
Delete Clip DELETE
Trim Audio / Text Start Q (hold)
Trim Audio / Text End E (hold)
Manual Trim Clip /
Trim Audio Clip Snap Left / Right
Audio Preview SPACEBAR
Stop Audio Preview SPACEBAR

Clip Editing

Action Primary
Cycle Markers /
Add Marker M
Select Marker LMB / ENTER
Delete Marker DELETE
Move Marker Hold LMB
Scrub Mouse Wheel scroll
Fine Scrub Left / Right cursor
Hide HUD H
Save F5

Free Camera Editing

Action Primary
Move Camera W, A, S, D
Rotate Camera Drag LMB
Camera Height Mouse Wheel scroll / Q / E
Camera Zoom Z / C
Camera Roll Left / Right cursor

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