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GTA 5 Meets God Of War

Kratos, the Spartan demigod who murdered his way to full-fledged godhood has set his sights on Los Santos.

Players can now unleash utter chaos in Grand Theft Auto 5 as the protagonist and anti-hero of the God of War franchise, all thanks to modder Lê Tuấn Khải's newest creation.

While a psychopathic bastard son of Zeus clad in the ashes of his own family, which he murdered himself, may be an odd sight in the city of Los Santos, we've had odd character mods before.

Funnily enough, since this is a mod it can only be played on PC, whereas God of War is and always has been a PlayStation exclusive franchise (though emulators are always an option if you can stomach poor performance).

The God of War series spans three main entries and several spin-offs, and has become one of the quintessential PlayStation franchises. This GTA 5 mod was made just in time for the newest, semi-reboot semi-continuation which follows the annoying trend of being called the same as the first game in the series, just to cock up every database ever.

God of War (2018) has been getting perfect scores from reviewers almost universally and is out in a few days.

However, if you lack a PlayStation 4 but have GTA 5 on PC, this mod can fill the void in your gaming life alongside the countless other PC exclusives. The mod takes God of War 3's version of Kratos as basis, so the new game's dad-beard and body-builder grandpa bod is nowhere to be seen.

Instead, we have a young, slightly strangely proportioned and troublingly glistening version of Kratos with his goatee.

Complete with glowing Blades of Chaos and a set of abilities befitting a demigod who wiped out the Olympian gods, such as super speed, super strength, firing flames from his hands and fly.

Unfortunately, the Blades of Chaos themselves are completely static, but then rigging and animating combat moves with swords on the ends of chains isn't an easy thing to pull off.

You can download the Kratos mod for GTA 5 right here.

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