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Does Rockstar's latest GTA Online tee design refer to GTA 6?

Rockstar Games is notorious for dropping small teasers that usually lead up to its next triple-A title release. With GTA 6 rumors constantly surfacing on the internet, hype around the next game is at an all-time high.

Last year, the whole fiasco revolving around a teen hacker leaking certain GTA 6 files caused so much drama and anticipation that it is considered by some as a catalyst for reigniting interest in the next GTA title. 

Rockstar Games recently released the long-awaited San Andreas Mercenaries update that features new vehicles, new missions, and new characters.

That content is only some of what is included in the new DLC, though. Rockstar Games also added a new clothing item that has the community in a frenzy. 

From Alien conspiracy theories to UFOs, it all comes back to this one grey T-Shirt. Rockstar Games has added a new grey T-Shrit called '??? Tee' in the GTAV Anniversary Special Tops category of the clothing store.

At first glance, the shirt looks like a regular tee with a wonky alien design with bordering numbers. However, upon further inspection, the numbers making up the pattern are not just random numbers. All four sides have the exact number, and that is 15140504012523091212180522050112011212.

Eagle-eyed fans, with the help of online conversion tools, deciphered this numerical jumble into letters based on their order in the alphabet. The resulting message, "ONEDAYWILLREVEALALL" or "One Day Will Reveal All," has been interpreted by many as a cryptic teaser for the highly anticipated official reveal of GTA 6.

Is this a carefully crafted clue or just a coincidental arrangement of numbers? Given Rockstar Games' reputation for teasing future releases through small, in-game hints, many fans believe this could indeed be a subtle nod to the imminent revelation of GTA 6.

On the other hand, skepticism naturally arises due to the notoriously secretive nature of Rockstar Games when it comes to new installments.

While it remains unclear whether the cryptic message is indeed a harbinger of the game's impending reveal, one thing is unequivocal: The gaming community is ready and eager for the next grand adventure in the world of Grand Theft Auto. The day that "will reveal all" can't come soon enough for the legions of ardent fans who continue to keep their fingers crossed and their eyes peeled for any snippet of news about GTA 6.


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  1. Seems like the news on this faded fast. I remember hearing about it and then people moved on to talk about the next thing. I think it is cool if they are dropping little hints like this but I want them to be more robust and actually tell us something.

  2. I heard about this but never looked into it any further.

    That is interesting. I would not be surprised to find out this was intentional. They do love a good easter egg.

  3. It could very well mean something. I would not be shocked if it did. They are known for doing stuff like this. It is not a very clear sign of anything though. Like we are already expecting news on GTA 6 so it is just a basic message that can apply to anything.

  4. I don't know how they are always finding stuff like this out! I would never have connected these dots at all. Sheesh! That is really cool if this is the case to give us some teases in GTA 5!

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