Zombie File Found In GTA V Source Code

Fans of GTA V have been led around with rumors for a pretty long time now, regarding the next content update the game will be getting, and a few impatient players have been data mining the game's source code for any information. Well, get ready for even more vague speculation and rumors!

GTA V has gotten a few DLC packs already, and previous Rockstar productions have had content packs with the risen dead, including Red Dead Redemption, and players have been asking for zombie content to be added to GTA V practically since launch.

When the PC version of the game launched, and brought with it the possibility of mods, people turned to the modding community to get their zombie fix, and while there have been zombie mods released, none are quite up to the standards as official content packs. With DLC of some kind coming soon, players are hopeful that the voice of the masses has convinced Rockstar to work on some zombie content, but fans eager to know what the future holds began digging through the game's code to find out what's next. Info about other content packs has been found this way before, and much of the various rumors that are still circulating are based on hidden files found in the code.


Usually, however, they can get rather concrete info, like a file for Agent 14 that isn't the same as the one before. However, in this case, the ruckus is about a file named “main_ZMB”. Yes, ZMB possibly meaning zombie has the GTA V community up in arms. With rumors about singleplayer DLC involving Michael being Zombie related, this really isn't so far fetched, and with zombies being so popular in gaming, it is safe to assume that Rockstar is looking to get a part of the pie.

What do you guys think? Could ZMB in a file name truly be a sign of zombie DLC?

Matt Stone

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