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Vapid Peyote Gasser Drags Into GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online got a brand new car today, one that breaks the usual weekly drip-fed trends. This new variant of an old favorite is joined by the usual weekly goods - bonuses, discounts and opportunities to unlock some free items as well.

The Vapid Peyote Gasser is a funnily named, heavily modified retro dragster based on the suave and luxurious Vapid Peyote. Essentially, the base vehicle got butchered and augmented into a much more powerful and aggressive looking ride. The Gasser is fantastic at acceleration - being a dragster - but suffers from understeering at high speeds.

Though tricky to control when burning rubber, the Gasser is absolute eye-candy, especially with the many upgrade and livery options available. The latter in particular help hammer home the retro aesthetic. You can purchase the Vapid Peyote Gasser for GTA$ 805,000.

Continuing the bevy of bonuses and earning opportunities introduced last week, there is once again this week week several ways you can make bank. All Bikers Businesses Sell Missions are paying out 2x RP and GTA$, which is one hell of a bonus if you play your cards right. For more info on how to make the most of Bikers Sell Missions, check out this guide.

You can also earn double with Nightclub Sell Missions and Nightclub Income as well. Time Trials and Stunt Series similarly payout double but the real deal is something we haven't seen in ages. The Finales of the Fleeca Job, Humane Labs Raid and the Pacific Standard Job are all paying out double cash and RP.

Alongside new additions to the Casino Store, if you head down to the Diamond, you have the chance to win a Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire. There is also a huge sale going on, with what seems like the most items discounted that we've seen in months.

Nightclubs, Hangars, Arena Workshops, High End Apartments and Yachts, as well as all upgrades for these, are 60% off. All Bikers properties are half price and you can buy Casino Penthouses and add-ons for 40% off. The clear trend here is that most properties which are needed for businesses and late-game content can be grabbed for cheap - usually something we see before a large DLC.

A bunch of racing vehicles, such as the Principe Deveste Eight, the Progen T20, the Annis Savestra and more are 60% off, and you can also grab weaponized and military vehicles on the cheap. The latter include the Mammoth Hydra, the B-11 Strikeforce and the FH-1 Hunter at 60% off.

We hope to get some idea regarding the next content update for GTA Online soon!


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