Rune Zhaba Swims Into GTA Online & New Year's Bonuses

The new decade has begun and Rockstar is ready to greet 2020 with new content, bonuses and as usual, discounts. With the festivities winding down, weekly Grand Theft Auto Online bonuses and content should steadily settle back into their usual schedule.

The first new vehicle of 2020 didn't take long to appear - it's already here! The all-new Rune Zhaba is an interesting beast. An amphibious off-roader, this odd-looking vehicle has wheels large enough to rival those of a monster truck, while it's utilitarian and angular design makes it look like some military reject that doesn't cut it for the armed forces, but is a great novelty ride for civvies.


This off-road ATV can tear through swamps, deep mud and shallow water with ease, and take a few hits while you're at it, too. The Zhaba is a specialized vehicle, and thus has some quirks - the main one is the fact that it behaves like a tracked vehicle when turning, giving you a very tight radius. The Rune Zhaba can be yours for GTA$ 2,400,000, or the trade price of GTA$ 1,800,000.

Holiday spending can chew into your bank account, especially if there are a lot of friends and family who need presents - not to mention treating yourself! Rockstar has lined up some nice bonuses allowing you to replenish your funds. These include triple rewards for all Freemode Events and double RP and GTA$ for Business Battles and the Bunker Series.

You can also grab a freebie this week if you head down to the Diamond Casino. Winning the vehicle prize at the Lucky Wheel will net you a Pfister Comet Safari, and while the holidays are behind us, the exclusive It's A Wrap livery gives it a sense of cheer nonetheless. The livery itself is an automatic unlock for everyone who logs into GTA Online through the 8th of January.

There are a bunch of discounts on offer as well, in case you still have some Christmas money left over. Penthouses, Nightclubs, and all their renovations and upgrades are 35% off, allowing you to dive into After Hours and Diamond Casino content on a tighter budget. A wide array of vehicles are between 25% and 40% off as well, such as the Weeny Issi Sports and Classic, the Enus Paragon R, the Ocelot Locust and more.

Aron Gerencser
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