Rockstar Games hints at GTA 6 reveal date update in GTA Online

Is this going to be the year Rockstar Games will release or, at the very least, reveal GTA 6? Fans would have you believe so. But, while Rockstar continues to work on GTA 6 behind the scenes, nothing can stop them from teasing and outright trolling fans. Case in point, in the latest GTA Online update, the good and jolly folks over at Rockstar couldn't help themselves from having a laugh with their usual tongue-in-cheek humor.

Rockstar Games Hints Gta Reveal Date
A GTA 6 reveal trailer would be the perfect way to cap off GTA 5's 10th anniversary celebration.

The latest GTA Online update was released earlier this week. As always, Rockstar published a blog detailing all the new stuff as well as bonuses headed to the popular online game.

If you scroll down to the part of the Diamond Casino Podium, there's a part there that reads like exactly how Rockstar likes to troll its fans, saying:


Every year comes with the hopeful promise that this year will be the year everything finally comes together. Well, 2023 could be that year, so why not start clocking in on that “new year, new me” attitude by taking a spin of the Lucky Wheel for the opportunity to win this week’s grand prize, the HVY Insurgent, an off-road armored vehicle strong enough to take on adversaries and pesky off-road obstacles alike.

The part "every year comes with the hopeful promise that this year will be the year everything finally comes together" is easily Rockstar's way of telling fans, "we know you've been waiting for GTA 6 news."

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Now, as for whether or not we'll be hearing GTA 6 news this year, only Rockstar can answer that.

This year marks the 10th birthday of Grand Theft Auto V, the second-best-selling game of all time. It's enjoyed continued success in recent years, thanks in large part to GTA Online.

Now that GTA 5 is getting up there in age, it's the perfect time to do a full reveal of GTA 6 following last year's confirmation that the next GTA game is in development. If nothing else, a reveal would help give investors confidence about the future of Take-Two Interactive after it guaranteed everyone that the development of GTA 6 will continue as planned despite the leaks.

Rockstar Games Hints Gta Reveal Date
GTA 6 could supplant GTA 5 as the most successful entertainment product in video game industry.

No one's expecting GTA 6 to be released this year - Microsoft says it might be out by 2024 while Tom Henderson says we're still at least two years away from its launch - but getting the first footage of GTA 6 will be enough for most fans this year.

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