Nightclub DLC "After Hours" Now Available In GTA Online

The big day is here - Grand Theft Auto Online's biggest DLC of 2018, After Hours, is now available for download and play.

After Hours features the return of two fan-favorite characters, Tony Prince and Lazlow, alongside a huge wealth of new content including seven new vehicles, a new Nightclub venue and warehouse, Business Battles game mode and the chance to consolidate your businesses into a single location.

The new nightclubs you can buy and run alongside Gay Tony are the star of the DLC. You can pick from 10 nightclub locations scattered around urban Los Santos with prices ranging from GTA$ 1,080,000 at Elysian Island to GTA$ 1,700,000 in West Vinewood.


When setting up your nightclub you can pick from a wide variety of interior styles and depending on what your budget allows you can upgrade the facilities. Alongside equipment, you also need staff and have marketing to think about.

As you're starting out, several elements of your new business aren't simply bought but need to be acquired via missions. Resident DJs are among these, with Solomun being the first. The other three, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna are going to be added in the upcoming weeks.

Once your venue is set up, it's time to receive your first guests. Players are given a great deal of control over their clubs, allowing you to set entrance fees and restrict access to some areas of the venue like the VIP room, DJ booth and office.

Your nightclub also doubles as a HQ for all of your other businesses with a combined warehouse that can store goods for any venture.

The warehouse comes with a complementary Vapid Speedo Custom, one of the new vehicles added to GTA Online with After Hours, and plenty of garage space to store the new rides - you can have up to three floors with 10 slots each.

Staffing your nightclub warehouse with technicians also allows you to slowly convert your businesses into sources of passive income. Though really slowly, technicians source product automatically for you.

Additionally, Business Battles are new Freemode events which trigger for players in an active MC or organization. Drops of business supplies pop up somewhere in the world, and the first group to claim it get a free boost - so expect tough competition.

The After Hours update brings seven new vehicles to GTA Online - well, technically six new and one updated.

The Dinka Jester Classic isn't an unfamiliar sight, but now sports liveries. Newer faces are the Ocelot Swinger, the Mammoth Patriot Stretch, the Festival Bus, the MTL Pounder Custom, the Maibatsu Mule Custom and the previously mentioned Vapid Speedo Custom.

The Festival Bus is a particularly fun ride as it unlocks the ability to give outdoor shows and take the party under the stars. After Hours is filled with all kinds of little tidbits like this - there is a dancing mini-game to try out in your venue, you can order a drink which will cause your character to black-out and wake up at some random location in the game world, or you can purchase a GTA$ 150,000 bottle of champagne which you spray across the dance floor and gain RP by doing so.

Fans of TBoGT will also notice a framed photo of Luis on Tony's desk in your club's offices.

The final round of Guest List rewards are also available in GTA Online for eligible players.

Beyond a hefty GTA$ 350,000 reward, there is an exclusive Maisonette t-shirt (a callback to the Ballad of Gay Tony), a 40% discount on the new Mule Custom and Pounder Custom as well as armor upgrades. A trio of exclusive liveries are also in the package. Additionally, all players who log in through the 30th will receive an exclusive Tony's Fun House t-shirt.

Two new vehicles which aren't yet released have also been discovered in the After Hours game files. One is a new military aircraft based on the iconic Warthog, and the other is a stupidly overpowered upgrade of the already overpowered Oppressor - just in case you needed any more reason to stay in your fancy club.

Stay tuned for guides and additional info regarding GTA Online: After Hours!

Aron Gerencser
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