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Modders Plan "Los Santos Life" for GTA V

Gta V Los Santos Life

Fans are already working on creating mods for Grand Theft Auto V, and the number of potential mods we hear about will only increase the closer we get to the PC release on March 24. The latest GTA V mod to gather attention is called "Los Santos Life."

The Los Santos Life mod is inspired by "Altis Life," a mod for ARMA 3. Players will take a character through three stages of life, during which they will live in the way the player chooses. This RPG-style mod will include features such as hunger/thirst meters, new careers (with possibilities ranging from police officers, stock traders, and treasure hunters), a character creation system that includes personality traits, and more.

If you're interested in working on a mod like this, the people behind Los Santos Life are putting together a team. If you're just interested in playing it, it sounds as though they'll be releasing regular updates as they progress.

Many players are excited for GTA V PC mods like this, but not everyone likes to play modded games. GTA Online raises new questions about how mods will be handled, but most likely modded servers will be separated from regular servers, so matchmaking won't put players in a modded game by mistake. Some people, however, are worried the game won't support modding at all. Given the huge Grand Theft Auto modding community, we doubt Rockstar will go in that direction.

Are you looking forward to trying new mods when GTA V comes out on PC?


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