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High Life Comes To GTA V Single Player


Mods bringing GTA Online DLCs to GTA V's single player seem to be the "in" thing now.

To this end, we've previously reported on a mod which ported the content of the Lowriders GTA Online DLC over into single player so that Michael, Trevor and Franklin could access Benny's Original Motorworks, and customize the lowrider cars.  With single player not getting the same DLC treatment as online, or rather, not getting any DLC treatment at all, players who prefer solo gaming have turned to mods to add to the game. Depending on your view point, they have it better off this way, as modding offers PC players an endless source of new content - console players are out of luck though.

The mod, Single Player Apartment, has a pretty self-explanatory title (as per usual), coming to us from "I'm Not MentaL" and adds all of the properties players could purchase in GTA Online up to and including the High Life DLC. While the mod currently lacks the full functionality of the GTA Online apartments, such as using the shower or watching television, it is getting a steady stream of updates, which are adding the new features.

The updates are also fixing up some bugs. As opposed to GTA Online, where entering a property takes the player to another instance, this mod physically places the apartment interiors into their respective buildings, so clipping issues may occur. The interiors might not load on occasion though, causing the player to fall into the "blue hell" - the empty space below the game world's model.


The mod makes use of ScriptHookV, the most popular GTA V modding tool, so if this isn't your first mod, then chances are you already have that set up. We certainly hope that the other GTA Online DLCs get ported over to single player by way of mods.


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