GTA V Meets The Godfather

The epitome of all organised crime related fiction, the magnificent Godfather saga, has set a high standard in many fields. Film-making, pacing, writing, acting, direction and so on. While they focus on different eras and settings it is obvious that the Godfather had quite a bit of influence on the GTA franchise. Granted though, the Mafia series may be a tad closer.

The Godfather can really be described as a much more elegant and grounded version of GTA. That sentence may be better if reversed, but the similarities are undeniable. With certain retro cars like the Roosevelt appearing in GTA V along with the legendary Tommy gun, acting like a good old gangster is possible.

The Godfather films, as many other influential movies, have several iconic scenes. Debating which one is the most iconic is pointless as there is no definitive answer.


One of these is definitely the toll booth assassination scene. We'd put a spoiler warning here but this movie is an ancient classic. It's not like there is a spoiler warning before all the "Luke, I am you father" jokes, right?

8-Bit Bastard, the magnificent team behind the two GTA V wildlife documentary videos is back again with their recreation of the aforementioned scene from the first Godfather film.

Sonny Corleone meets his grisly death in GTA V the exact way he did on screen - scene for scene. When comparing with the original footage, every minute detail is perfectly replicated by the 8-Bit team, up to the rather ridiculous way he writhes from the near hundred bullet wounds he suffers.

Of course, there are some things that the Rockstar Editor isn't capable of, however 8BB really brought out the best they could from the limited animation and asset library of the software.

Do you guys wish GTA V would get some DLC geared at good old retro gangsters?

Aron Gerencser
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