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GTA Online's New Banshee 900R Fixed

Benny's Original Motorworks recently expanded its portfolio with sports cars. The upgrade did not come without some problems though, resulting in quite a few player complaints.

The update added the Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee to Benny's roster, allowing players to fully customize the two cars both visually and performance-wise (for a fortune of course). The two new cars were also an indication that more additions to the unique body shop are on the way. Players have begun to speculate that they will be able to customize the returning Roosevelt which will be added with the Valentine's Day DLC arriving soon.


Certain issues cropped up with the new update. Initially a severe bug crippled GTA Online and caused all upgrades to disappear from the new cars whenever a player switched sessions, resulting in millions of in-game currency being lost. Once people could actually safely use the cars another issue cropped up.

In Rockstar's official announcement, they stated that the newly upgraded cars could compete against the existing fastest cars in the game, such as the Progen T20 and Zentorno. In reality a fully upgraded Banshee 900R was actually slower than the stock Banshee. Despite this the two new vehicles were categorized as supercars and therefore pitted against significantly faster rides whenever taken out to race.


The community outcry was massive and comments by angry voices concerning the Banshee's performance soon filled GTA 5 fan sites and other outlets.

Finally something has been done about the issue though. Players have been reporting that there has been a massive change in the 900R's performance.

1km race:

  • Banshee 900R: 21.274
  • Sultan RS: 22.073
  • T20: 20.973
  • Entity: 21.357

Several other players have chimed in to confirm the change, so if you were planning on selling your 900R, you should hold off on that and give it another spin.

Have you guys noticed the change in the new GTA Online cars?


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