GTA Online: The Contract DLC Complete In-Depth Guide

The Contract DLC is one of the biggest DLCs in GTA Online, and the missions are designed to imitate the recent DLCs released before it. In addition to the plethora of new content including vehicles, new missions, as well as Franklin from the story mode, we are also treated to the apparence of A-list celebrities in the main story of The Contract DLC.

The notable real-life celebrities & associates featured in the contracts DLC include Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh, Anderson .Paak, Lola Romero, and Jimmy Iovine.

The Contract DLC has one of the most prolonged prep missions in any DLC to date, and has many sub-missions that you'll need to complete in order to reach the final mission for the payout. This guide covers absolutely everything from A to Z. We show you how to get started with The Contract DLC, what to buy, prep missions, sub-missions, and the finale.


Feel free to check out our video guides added for each mission for better visual representation and guide. If you are looking for the new media stick/USB locations introduced as part of The Contract DLC, please check our guide here.

Buying The Agency

To get started with The contract DLC, you need to buy the agency. In GTA Online, you will get a call from Lamar Davis explaining about the new organization that he and his associate (later revealed to be Franklin Clinton) are setting up together. Once the call ends, you can navigate to Dynasty8 from your mobile phone and go through the different locations to buy the agency.

All the locations are in the city and near other relevant businesses. The following are the four locations where you can purchase the agency with their respective base prices (without upgrades). Note that you do not need to buy the upgrades to do the missions.

Agency Locations

  • Little Seoul: $2,010,000
  • Vespucci Canals: $2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills: $2,415,000
  • Hawick: $2,830,000

It depends entirely on personal preference when it comes to deciding which one is the best agency out of the four. The agency locations are not that far apart from each other. All the agencies are in the city. However, it depends on individual players who want to buy the agency - you need to consider you other business locations.

We decided to buy the one at Vespucci Canals simply due to how open the surrounding area is. Given the open space around the building, it is very easy to land your helicopter on the agency building. So far, during our entire playthrough of the DLC, we've found the Vespucci Canals building to be the most convenient out of all.

Agency Upgrades

There are six different upgrade types for your agency building and they are as follows (the prices shown are the maximum amount you can spend on each upgrade):

  • Art: $340,000
  • Wallpaper: $442,500
  • Highlight: $100,000
  • Armory: $720,000
  • Accomodation: $275,000
  • Vehicle Workshop: $800,000

Once you've bought the agency, you can visit it.

When you first enter the agency, you will be greeted by Franklin Clinton.

The Contracts

Let's talk about the primary missions of this DLC called 'the contracts'. You can access the contracts by logging into the computer in your agency office. Note that you can complete this entire DLC solo and that you must also register as a VIP, CEO, or MC President to play these missions.

Before we get into the contracts, it is also worth noting that there are three different difficulty levels for all the contracts: Professional, Specialist, and Specialist+.

There are two types of contracts - Security Contracts and VIP Contracts.

Security Contracts

Security contracts are the contracts you can do at any time, and these appear in randomized order. Only three different security contracts show up at a time. You can choose one and complete the one you like. When you complete one security contract mission, there is a 5-minutes cooldown timer before you can do the next contract mission.

There are five different types of security contracts, and they are as follows:

Gang Termination

In Gang Termination, you are tasked to eliminate senior gang members as requested by the client. Before you start the mission, stock up on armor and snacks. You will be asked to go to a specific location and eliminate gang members in a certain marked region.

Several gang members will spawn inside the region, but only one will be a senior member. The best way to do this mission is to either be inside an Armored Kuruma or use a flying vehicle with an automatic missile targeting system such as a Buzzard or an Oppressor mkII. There's no specific strategy for this mission. It is always the same but with different locations.

You will be able to see the number of senior gang members or enforcers remaining in an area at the bottom right corner of your screen. Whenever you eliminate an enforcer you will get a notification just above your mini-map.

Eliminate all the members and leave the area to complete the mission.

Asset Protection

In this security contract mission, you need to go to the marked location and protect the client's assets. There will be a lot of enemies trying to destroy it, and you need to protect the assets from the incoming enemies.

We highly recommend you use an Armored Kuruma and stock up on armor and snacks, just in case. But realistically, if you're inside the Armored Kuruma, you won't need a lot of snacks and armor.

When you start the mission, a 10-minute timer will start at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This is the total time you get to get to the location and protect the asset. You need to protect the asset until this timer runs out.

When you get to the location, stay inside the Armored Kuruma and eliminate the incoming enemies. You will also have some help from the ally NPCs, so don't worry too much if you're doing it solo.

The enemies will spawn in waves, and they will increase in number as you plow through the waves. Take special care of the enemies with a flame icon on the mini-map.

These enemies have a Molotov, and they can do a lot of damage to the assets. They throw the Molotov and damage the targeted asset and the surrounding assets. Make the Molotov enemies the priority and take them out before dealing with other incoming enemies.

Once the timer nears the end, the enemies will stop spawning, and more backup will arrive. At this point, you've successfully completed the security contract mission.

Liquidize Assets

This mission is the complete opposite of the mission 'asset protection.' In this mission, you need to locate and destroy equipment as requested by the client.

First, we recommend leaving the agency via the Agency SuperVolito helicopter by talking to the agency's receptionist. Also, stock up on armor and snacks.

Now, go to the stated location, and you will identify a mob upon reaching the mission marker location. You will then need to follow the mob to the warehouse or wherever the assets are secured.

Keep an eye out for the detection meter at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will not have a lot of issues considering you're already quite high enough in the air for the mob to detect you. But, if you are too close to the road, the detection meter will start to fill. Keep your distance, and follow the mob to the asset's location.

When the mob reaches the warehouse, they will enter the warehouse. Land your helicopter and enter the warehouse. But, before entering the warehouse, ensure that you've equipped a weapon.

When inside, quickly get into cover, and take out the enemies.

After eliminating the guards, use explosive weapons (RPG, Grenade, etc) to destroy the ammo crates (assets) inside the building.

After destroying the assets, place the charges at the indicated areas, and exit the building.

This is where the helicopter comes in super handy. Quickly get into your helicopter, and lose the cops to complete this mission.

Rescue Operation

In this mission, you need to rescue the client and safely extract them. It would be best to buy some armor and snacks for this mission as you will get into a gunfight when trying to rescue the client.

Exit the agency using your agency helicopter SuperVolito. The helicopter will help you escort the client easily and safely.

Get to the marked area to find the client. You can use the blood trails to get to the client when you get to the location. Or, you can also just listen and follow the sound of gunshots.

Eliminate all the hitmen and approach the client to collect them.

Escort the client to the helicopter. On your way back, you will get chased by some attack helicopters. But ignore them and continue to the safehouse. They won't be able to catch up to you.

Deliver the client to the safehouse to complete this mission.

Vehicle Recovery

In vehicle recovery, you are tasked with recovering the client's stolen vehicle. It is best to once again top up on snacks and armor.

First, you will be asked to go to a location with the garage having the vehicle inside. Go to the garage, and enter.

Once you're inside, you need to quickly take cover and take out the enemies.

After taking out the enemies, look for the stolen vehicle. The stolen vehicle will always stand out and you will be easily able to identify the vehicle. Approach the vehicle to identify it.

Enter the vehicle and start driving towards the garage door to exit. When you reach near the garage door, you will be attacked by some more enemies.

You need to quickly take cover and take them out before you can use the keypad by the garage door to unlock the garage door.

You can also let them kill you. Once killed, you will spawn right back outside. You can use this opportunity to heal yourself and equip your armor before you head back inside to kill the rest of the enemies.

Once unlocked, get back into the vehicle and drive into the marker to exit the garage.

When outside, just drive back to the agency garage to complete the mission. You will also get chased by some enemies, ignore them and keep driving to the agency. They will eventually lose interest in you.

VIP Contracts

The VIP contracts are the main Dr. Dre contracts you get after the completion of at least two security contracts. There are two missions you need to complete before you can finally start doing the actual VIP contract missions. However, these two "prep" missions are also considered VIP contract missions.

We will call these two missions: VIP Contract Intro mission (On Course) and VIP Contract Setup mission (Data Recovery).

Intro Mission - On Course

The intro mission is unlocked after you've completed at least two security contract missions.

Here's a tip for you, if you wish to skip doing the missions, you can start the mission and just fail it (exit the game). Repeat the same with another mission, and it will count as two completed missions. The reason for doing this is to skip the 5-minute cool down between the two security contract missions. This is entirely optional, of course. You can always complete the missions. We recommend completing the missions for the intended and best experience.

Sometime after the completion of the security missions, you will get a call from Franklin.

After the call, you will get a new 'F' icon on your map, which represents Franklin Clinton. It'll be at the golf club.

Get to the golf club and enter the clubhouse to start the mission called On Course.

When you start the mission, you will get a cutscene where you will meet Dr. Dre for the first time.

After the cutscene ends, you will need to chase down two golfers who disrespected Dr. Dre and teach them a "lesson."

First, you need to ram into their golf carts to intimidate them. You will be able to see the intimidation bar at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

You need to ram into them just enough so they stop. Do not ram into their golf cart head-on. This can kill them, resulting in you failing the mission.

Once one of the golfers has been intimidated, move on to the next one and do the same.

The second golfer will then try to drive away from you. You will now get a notification to tail the golfer. Follow him to wherever he goes. The golfer will go to Del Perro Pier and finally stop there.

When you get there, approach the golfer, and you will need to beat him up using your golf club. Once you've beaten enough, a cutscene will initiate concluding the mission.

Setup Mission - Data Recovery

After completing the 'On Course' contract mission, you can start doing the setup mission for Dr. Dre's VIP contract missions. After completing the 'On Course' mission, you will get a call from Franklin.

Once the call ends, return to your agency, and a cutscene will play.

Return to your office after the cutscene ends and access the computer to start the setup mission.

Before you start the mission, buy armor and snacks. Like all the missions in this DLC, many gunfights revolve around this mission.

You will automatically exit the agency via your agency helicopter when you start this mission.

Make your way to the FIB building as indicated and land on top of the building.

Use your infiltration gear to break open the skylight and enter the building.

Once you're in, go to the eastern corner of the building. To make it easier, it will be the communications room at the far left corner of the building when you drop in.

After locating the room, you need to use explosives to break open the door. You can use sticky bombs to blast through the door. Either throw the sticky bomb at the door or stand close enough to plant it.

After planting the bomb, stand clear of the explosion radius and detonate the bomb.

Go inside the room and install the software on the computer. Interact with the computer to insert the USB stick.

You need to fend off the FIB agents while the software installs on the computer. You can keep track of the progress by looking at the progress bar at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The best way to do this is to take cover by the wall just at the entrance to the communications room. You can take out all the agents from here, and there are no blindspots here.

Once the software installation completes, head back inside the room and steal the hard drive.

Now you must make your way to the roof to escape. To do that, run to the other end of the building first. Make sure to take cover and clear the incoming agents before moving forward.

When you see a clearing, go to the yellow marker on the other side of the building by the door that takes you directly to the roof-side balcony.

There will be multiple attack helicopters outside. Take them out as you move towards the top roof. If you have a homing launcher, it will be easy to take them out. If you don't have a homing launcher, you can always use the classic mini-gun, which is just as effective.

Always get in cover, heal up, and then proceed.

As you move forward, more armored NOOSE members will come your way in hopes of stopping you. You can shoot them down from the ladder and move up.

A tip here is to have your armor or snacks menu open when climbing the ladder in case you get shot by the incoming helicopters.

Once you're back on top, get into your helicopter, fly away and lose the cops.

Once you've lost the cops, deliver the hard drive to the agency to complete this mission.

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