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GTA Online Gets Kart Krash, Pfister Growler This Week

Aug Bonuses

It's an all new week in Grand Theft Auto Online, which means new bonuses, news discounts, and as of recently, new cars once again - and to add to these goodies, we also get a new game mode. Read on to learn more about Kart Krash, the Pfister Growler and more.

Since the release of Los Santos Tuners, new gameplay content in GTA Online has taken a turn back towards racing, and the new modes mostly stick to the realm of realism unlike previous bombastic stuff like Stunt Races and Transform Races. Kart Krash: Full Auto, the newest racing mode, blurs the lines between the two.

While strapping a machine gun to the front of a go-kart for the unfair advantage isn't something you see in real life, it also isn't an utterly impossible middle finger rubbed into the face of physics. Kart Krash: Full Auto puts a suitably unhinged GTA-flavored spin on regular go-kart racing by adding weapons and various arcade-y power ups. Playing Kart Krash matches this week will award you with double the usual GTA$ and RP, so novelty isn't the only reason you should check it out.

Aug Bonuses

As Los Santos Tuners has gracefully reintroduced drip-feed DLC, once again the extensive vehicle library of GTA Online expands. This time around, it's the Pfister Growler that's the new ride on the block. You can buy this genericized mish-mash of modern Porsche designs for GTA$ 1,627,000, or at the trade price of GTA$ 1,220,250.

Playing the violent version of go-karts isn't the only way to quickly scare up some extra cash for the new Growler - if you manage to repo cars on the Exotic Exports List or rob any Convenience Store, you'll be walking away with double the riches. We recommend focusing on the exports, because store robberies are really small time in this economy.

Aug Bonuses

With the focus on Kart Krash, the Diamond Casino decided to stick to the theme and put the Dinka Veto Modern on the podium this week, so go spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to get the ride for free. If you have set your sights on something meatier, like the Vapid Dominator GTT, you can win one by placing in the top 5 of any 10 LS Car Meet races throughout the week.

Next week's drip-fed vehicle, the Karin Sultan RS Classic, can be taken for a spin around the test track, alongside the new Pfister Growler and the Vulcar Warrener HKR. Discounts this week include the Karin Futo GTX, Dinka Veto Classic, Pegassi Torreador, the Kosatka Submarine and Sea Sparrow for 30% off, while the BF Weevil and HVY Nightshark are 40% off.


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