PSA: GTA Online Insurance Fraud Hack Has Returned

Everyone, make sure to keep to invite only lobbies for the time being.

The notorious insurance fraud hack for GTA Online which made headlines some time ago kept players in a state of fear for several days before Rockstar applied a much needed hotfix for it by entirely disabling the Bad Sport and Insurance systems in GTA Online. However, it seems that the recent update, Lowriders: Custom Classics has done away with these changes, opening once again the way for hackers.



For those of you who are unaware of - and were lucky enough not to suffer from - the insurance fraud hack, it enables the users of paid mod-menus designed to screw up GTA Online to fool the game into thinking that the victim is continuously destroying the personal vehicle of the hacker, thus draining their in-game account to pay for the insurance premiums, as well as saddling them with Bad Sport points.

The Bad Sport system tracks whether or not players are being assholes to their fellow gamer. If you're harassing someone while they're in passive mode, or if you destroy their personal vehicles, you'll be docked Bad Sport points, which accumulate over time. If you have too many, you'll be dumped into a Bad Sport lobby, where only other Bad Sports are present for a given amount of time as punishment.

On the other hand, the Insurance Premium system means that the destruction of the other player's insured personal vehicle will result in a sum of GTA $ being removed from your account and added to the account of the victim. If exploited with the hack, this being simulated can cause significant damage to whoever it is that got hacked.

Being placed into a Bad Sport lobby is one thing - you still get to play, the times aren't too long and you can always appeal Rockstar Support. It's the stealing of the money which is the real issue. Before the insurance fraud hack, hackers were only cheating players out of their fun and their wins. While this meant that they were losing out on potential winnings, their property wasn't infringed upon.

This hack however directly steals cash which is already theirs. Now, if we take into account that players can purchase in-game cash with Shark Cards for real money, stealing that cash becomes an actual, literal felony. Before now, hackers were only breaking the terms of use for the game.


Of course, that was already a problem in its own right, leading to them being banned from the game, as per procedure. However the stealing of paid-for property adds a legal twist to the issue. It's probable that even the hackers themselves didn't fully consider what a can of worms they're opening - not that that is any excuse.

Recently, public service posts popped up on several GTA V related subreddits drawing attention to a particular YouTube video posted by a known hacker, where he shows off his newest 'premium' mod menu which includes a version of insurance fraud which works with the newest iteration of GTA Online.

We won't be linking to the video or channel, as we wouldn't want to give the spineless asshole any more traffic, but we will link to one of the Reddit threads. The comments will tell you anything you need to know, no need to watch the video (note: the video has been reported for portraying and promoting illegal activity).

In short, the insurance fraud hack is back, so keep well away from public lobbies until Rockstar implements a permanent fix. Many players have suggested wiping away the Bad Sport and Insurance systems entirely.

Advocates of this solution not only cite its ability to swiftly resolve this extremely serious and pressing matter, but think that it 'feels' more like GTA that way. There have been some issues with players finding ways to exploit the system to their benefit in the past, however nothing on the scale of this hack.


There is also the other issue of the Bad Sport lobby being a tad buggy in the sense that occasionally players are stuck in it even after their time is served. Many players suggest that getting rid of it all together will result in a more action-packed and dynamic play experience, especially since this would make going AFK practically suicide.

The insurance fraud hack is probably the worst plague ever to hit GTA Online. The hacker issue the game has been suffering from for a while now has come to its crux with this, as it shows that the hackers have finally crossed the line. The persistence of this hack will force Rockstar into coming up with a definitive solution to the hacker problem, or risk losing their playerbase.

Have any of you guys been hit by, or witnessed the use of the insurance fraud hack in GTA Online? If so, make sure to contact and report the hacker.

Aron Gerencser
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