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GTA Online Gets Übermacht Cypher

Sept Bonuses

Rockstar Games still has some drip-feed cars to distribute as a part of the Los Santos Tuners update cycle, and now we're one ride closer to having them all. Alongside the new vehicle, a particularly varied selection of bonus activities is here to make eating the cost of the new car all the easier, and some discounts are live as well.

The Übermacht Cypher is the latest car to join the GTA Online selection of BMW-inspired vehicles, taking design cues from multiple models while genericizing them a bit - the iconic split grille had to be sacrificed to the lawsuit gods. You can pick up the Cypher for a cool GTA$ 1,550,000 or for the trade price of GTA$ 1,162,500.

Or, for the first time with a newly added car, you have the chance to win a free Übermacht Cypher - the new ride is also this week's Prize Ride Challenge reward. You need to come first in 5 Street Races throughout the week. Whether you win or buy the car, simply logging into GTA Online this week gets you an exclusive livery too.

Sept Bonuses

If you are keen on getting the Cypher but your racing skills aren't quite up to snuff, the dent the purchase puts in your wallet can be corrected pretty fast - Robbery Contracts, Tiny Racers races and DJ Request Missions are all paying out 2x rewards. This means there is even more incentive to go and jump into the brand new The Union Depository Contract, just added to the game.

This week's Test Ride vehicles include the brand new Übermacht Cypher, allowing you to take it out for a spin free of charge if you are on the fence, the Vapid Dominator GTT and the unreleased Karin Previon. The Dundreary Landstalker XL is the latest vehicle to spin on the Diamond's podium, pre-customized with a snazzy livery, so don't forget to spin the lucky wheel too.

You can pick up the Dinka Jester RR for 30% off this week, alongside a 40% discount on the Grotti Itali RSX, the Benefactor Krieger, the Progen Emerus, the Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy and the Mammoth Tula.


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