GTA Online Car Locations Guide

If you're looking for our guide on where to find cars for Simeon (both "regular" Simeon cars and also the "High Priority Requests") then click here.

Wanting to score some rare GTA 5 vehicles Online? Well read on, because we have the ultimate guide (including photos and locations) on how, where and when to find them. Enjoy!


First, here's some general tips for spawning cars in GTA 5:

  • If the car you want is in Simeon's list, it has a better chance of spawning. Refresh the list after you've waited a while or quit GTA Online and return.
  • If you drive a car by the same manufacturer as the one you want, it has a better chance of spawning.
  • From the GTA Online menu screen, if you go to "Options," "Spawn Location," and then "Last Location," you can go from lobby to lobby until the car you want spawns.

The following vehicles are known to spawn at the locations described below. We've also included the relevant GTA 5 map locations so you should be set!

You are also able to buy cars in GTA Online (as opposed to stealing them). This can be done by opening the internet browser on your in-game mobile phone (Eyefind) and then going to the Travel and Transport section. There you will find links to the four different vendors of vehicles within the game: Benny's Original Motor Works, Legendary Motorsport, Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Warstock Cache & Carry.

Modded Dubsta 2

Extremely rare

The modded Dubsta 2 is an extremely rare spawn and requires specific actions to be completed before it can be acquired. Refer to this article for specific instructions.

Obey Tailgater


The Obey Tailgater will appear in the parking lot of golf course in the area shown here on the map. However, it will only appear if you've received a text message from Simeon asking you to get it.


Canis Bodhi



To make the Canis Bodhi spawn, you must either host or join the Rockstar-created Mission "Dirt Road." It will then appear in the location shown on the map, between rocks on the road.


You can also buy the Canis Bodhi for $25,000 from

Canis Mesa



To get the Canis Mesa, have another player spend $7,500 with Merryweather to send mercenaries after you. Shoot the mercenaries and steal the vehicle when they appear, and take it to the LS Custom Shop.

Imponte Phoenix



Look for the Imponte Phoenix in the location shown on the map.





The submarine will be in the water at the very edge of the area shown on the map.


Declasse Asea

Very Rare


You can only get the Declasse Asea as a new character. When you get to choose a car to race with in the tutorial, pick the Declasse Asea. After the race ends, keep the car and continue until you can take it to the LS Custom Shop.

Karin Rebel



The Karin Rebel will be outside of the Criminal Records race in the area shown on the map.


You can also buy the Karin Rebel for $3,000 from

Karin BeeJay XL



The Karin BeeJay XL will be outside of the Criminal Records race in the area shown on the map.


Declasse Tornado



The Declasse Tornado will be at the docks shown on the map, near a garage.


Declasse Granger



The Declasse Granger will spawn in the parking lots and a garage in the area shown on the map.


Declasse Rancher XL



The Declasse Ranger XL will spawn parked outside garages and being driven through the streets in the area shown on the map.


Imponte Ruiner



The Imponte Ruiner will spawn in parking lots in the area shown on the map.


Mammoth Patriot



Go to the spot marked on the map below. The Mammoth Patriot will either spawn parked on the dirt road near the bridge or being driven through the streets at night.


Karin Sultan



Karin Sultan RS



You can not find the modded version of the Sultan RS naturally out in the open world, but you can find the normal Karin Sultan and upgrade it to the Sultan RS. There are two guaranteed spawn points where you can find the Sultan RS. The best part about these locations is that the car spawns in a group of either two or three!

The first location is the Prison parking lot. If you do not find the car then simply drive around the prison and a new set of cars should appear. Try it out a couple of times and if you still don't see the car then simply find a new GTA Online session and repeat the process. We found the car after two session changes and driving around a couple of times

The second reliable location is the Maze Bank Arena parking lot. You can find the car in the parking lot of the arena. If you do not see the car, then repeat the same process of changing your session and driving around the stadium to refresh the cars.

It has also been reported, by a number of players, that if you drive around these locations in an Elegy RH8, then the likelihood of a Sultan spawning is higher... and, there is no harm in it since you can get Elegy RH8 for free.

Now, to upgrade your regular Sultan to the Sultan RS, you can either go to LS Customs and add a Roll Cage to get the RS version, or go to Benny's Original Motor Works and upgrade your normal Sultan to the Sultan RS by paying a hefty GTA$795,000. Also, when you go to LS Customs, you will need to add all the performance upgrades to actually turn the car into a proper RS with improved acceleration and handling - adding a roll cage is just for decorative purposes!

Western Motorcycle Company Bagger

Very Rare


This motorcycle will spawn on the sidewalks in the area shown on the map.


Bravado FIB Buffalo



In the area on the map, make your way to the satellite dishes and the road to Los Santos Customs. If you park by the first satellite dish between 10:00 and 11:00, you should see people nearby. Leave your car and keep walking until you find scientists, FIB agents, and two parked cars that will either be FIB Buffalos or Grangers. Steal one.


Note: you won't be able to store the FIB Buffalo.

Bravado Rumpo



The Weazel News Bravado Rumpo will spawn at the location shown on the map below just outside of the gang attack area.


In the location on the map below, regular Rumpo vans will be parked along the sidewalks.


Regular Rumpo vans spawn at the location below on Sundays at 11:25.


The Weazel News Rumpo spawns at the location below on Sundays between 17:00 and 17:47.


Karin Dilettante



The Karin Dilettante will be driving in the streets in the areas shown on the map.


Bravado Youga

Very Rare

The Bravado Youga is a rare spawn for the location shown below.


It is a more common spawn in the locations shown here, near Ammu-Nation, on Saturdays at 17:00.


Bravado FIB Granger



In the area on the map, make your way to the satellite dishes and the road to Los Santos Customs. If you park by the first satellite dish between 10:00 and 11:00, you should see people nearby. Leave your car and keep walking until you find scientists, FIB agents, and two parked cars that will either be FIB Buffalos or Grangers. Steal one.


Note: you won't be able to store the FIB Granger.

Schyster Fusilade



The Schyster Fusilade spawns in the area shown on the map below on Sundays at 11:25.


Vapid Peyote



The Vapid Peyote spawns in the areas shown on the map below on Sundays between 1:00 and 4:00.


Albany Manana



The Albany Manana will spawn in the circled area on the map below, and sometimes spawns being driven through the marked streets, as well.


Chevel Surge



The Chevel Surge spawns outside of the Video Alcove store marked on the map below on Mondays between 6:00 and 9:30.


Karin Futo



The area marked on the map is only one of the many areas the Karin Futo spawns. The best time to find one is between 19:00 and 2:00.


Rat Loader



The Rat Loader will be parked between the trailers at the spot marked on the map late at night, after midnight.


Albany Buccaneer



The Albany Buccaneer can be found parked on Wednesdays between 11:30 and 18:00 at the spots marked on the map.


Declasse Sabre Turbo



The Declasse Sabre Turbo spawns being driven in the locations marked on the map below on Saturdays between 16:00 and 17:45.


Vapid Dominator



The Vapid Dominator will be parked outside of Los Santos Customs at the area marked on the map on Tuesdays in the evening.


Karin Intruder



The Karin Intruder can be found being driven on the streets marked below on Mondays between 12:00 and 14:00.


Declasse Tornado - Mariachi Variant



To get the Mariachi form of the Declasse Tornado, take a sniper rifle to the area marked below, at 19:00. From the mountaintop, use the sniper rifle to look for a distant Mariachi Declasse Tornado being chased by the police. Shoot the people in the car and then either steal it or call Lester. Take it to Los Santos Customs and put a tracker on it.


Note: the Mariachi Declasse Tornado can't be initially stored, but you can put it in your garage once you take another vehicle out.

Ubermatch Sentinel XS



You can catch the Ubermatch Sentinel XS at the area marked on the map below.


Modded Ubermacht Sentinel XS


You can find the spawn location based on our video below:

Modded Sandking XL


You can find the spawn location based on this video below:


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  1. to those complaining about specification or saying “oh that’s not rare?” gta has a very unique system using days of the week so just because you were in the right place at the right time once or twice doesn’t make it any less rare for others who haven’t had the opportunity. someone worked hard on this.

  2. You shoud add the lsc cars that spawn and add the gang cars u can find in the bad neigborhood

    Your truly DANK DOGE 94

  3. Thanks for this guide. Just what i needed !

    Why woud you Talk down on the guide.
    If you know it better then the maker just make one.

  4. I agree with pirate or ninja, this guide isn't great and cars like buccaneer and Sabre turbo are not rare, they are super common cars. You also haven't mentioned the two customized sentinel XS's which spawn between 10pm and 3am and sell for 14K (yellow version) and 17K (purple version). Also haven't mentioned the custom sandkings that spawn or any of the custom gang cars or the custom motorbike with flames on the tank. Detail of locations is good but there is a lot missing from this list.

  5. so ive been playing GTA for like 500 hours and this guide is total junk. seriously 90 or more of the cars in this list are not rare at all. in fact most of them spawn everywhere and when you see one of them spawn you will see like 100 duplicates everywhere in sight of the area. VERY few of these are actually rare.

    1. Okay your dumb because they are different more feathers in them than the normal car on the streets.

      1. but they are not rare its just the same cars with a few mods on them that you can already buy. most of them dont spawn that rarely. the true rare spawns are gold and chrome dubsta and stuff like that.

        why would i want a car with feathers? i dont even like birds

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