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GTA 5 Meets Spider-Man Thanks To JulioNIB

One of the biggest hits last year was a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games. Now, PC Grand Theft Auto 5 players can get a taste of the experience, but in Los Santos instead of New York. JulioNIB, master GTA 5 modder, is working on a Spider-Man mod for Rockstar's title.

JulioNIB is very well known in the GTA modding community, having created a wide range of pop-culture crossover character mods, primarily using superheroes. We've featured his work on this site several times already. In his latest mod, he's tackling the widely praised web swinging mechanic with which players could traverse Manhattan in Marvel's Spider-Man.

Ostensibly the most iconic power of the popular superhero, the web swinging is a crucial element of any Spider-Man game, and Insomniac nailed it. While the mod which will allow us to experience the same in GTA 5 is still under development, Patreon patrons of JulioNIB can get early access to the mod, with a full release to be available to more users later on.

Spider-Man uses his web-shooting abilities in many different ways in combat and for transportation, and most are reflected in this GTA 5 mod. Beyond the swinging, you can climb on walls, hang upside down - another iconic Spider-Man pose - attach a web to a target and zip to it, or attach your webs to NPCs and vehicles to swing them or tie them down.

Being a superhero, you also get stronger melee attacks by default. The mod is still a work in progress, but the author has outlined what features he intends to add later on. These include more melee animations, various gadgets and powers used by Spiderman in the original game, a custom HUD, a feature to disarm enemies with webs, random encounters with criminals and Spider-Sense.

While the full, public release of this mod is still a while away, knowing this modder it will be worth the wait.


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