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Owners Of Grand Theft Auto 5 On PS4 Will Get PS5 Upgrade For Free, According To Retailer

With the next generation of consoles only months away, two big "will they-won't they" questions have cut vast divides into the gaming world.

One question concerns the increased price of AAA games on the next-gen consoles, with some publishers bumping prices to $70, while the other relates to free next-gen upgrades for current games being ported. According to a retailer, Grand Theft Auto 5 owners can breathe easy - at least, some of them.

French video game retailer Micromania posted a list of games available on current generation consoles that have been confirmed as receiving Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 ports, and whether or not the upgrades are free for current owners or not.

In that list was GTA 5, stating specifically that owners of the PS4 version would get a free upgrade to the PS5 version.

Now, retailers have been wrong before when it came to accidentally putting up info too early, so this shouldn't be taken as a guarantee. Rockstar has yet to give any official word on this topic, and that is the only thing we can ever treat as a real confirmation.

That said, it would make a whole lot of sense. Rockstar Games has a healthy relationship with Sony, with some timed-exclusive content appearing on PS4 first in Red Dead Online. If Rockstar would commit to free next-gen upgrades on the PS5 only, it would be another strong display.

Since the game has already been released on both PS3 and PS4, with many fans buying both versions, it is easy to assume that not everyone would be thrilled about the prospects of having to buy the same game a third time, for some visual updates. This whole cross-generation re-releasing issue paints the PC version in an even better light too, where next-gen content will be accessible with no upgrades needed.

Stay tuned for any official response to this rumor!


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