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xQc denies involvement in NoPixel banning GTA Online players

NoPixel is one of the largest GTA Online RP communities.

The ever-popular and controversial streamer, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, has found himself the subject of criticism once again.

The ex-Twitch and now Kick streaming platform's star, well-known for his high-energy and emotional responses, addressed allegations blaming him for the banning of some players from the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto Role-Playing server. The streamer, who recently revealed his co-ownership of NoPixel, took to a live stream on July 24 to clear the air on the issue.

Drawing the lion's share of Twitch viewership for three consecutive years, xQc's streaming success story has seen him drowning in opportunities, including a record-breaking $100 million streaming deal with Kick, announced last June. A crucial architect behind the NoPixel GTA RP server's boom, Lengyel acquired a 25% ownership of the server on May 30.

[xQc] xQc says to not listen to people online spewing lies about his ownership in NoPixel
by u/ShadowEzio in RPClipsGTA

Unfortunately, some players are attributing their server bans to his new ownership status.

Addressing the accusations, xQc clarified, "Some people say really dumb shit that's unfounded and really dumb sometimes. Do not listen to stupidity that you read online." He emphatically denied any administrative control over the server, stressing that his stake in NoPixel does not translate to any power to ban or unban players, moderate server activity, or handle forum inputs.

Despite being a co-owner of the server, the streamer asserted that he could still face a ban if he broke any server rules, emphasizing the independence of his part-ownership from any administrative authority. While xQc’s 25% ownership stirred up discussions, it's crucial to note that the remainder is divided between fellow content creator Lucas "Buddha" and Koil, who own 25% and 50% respectively.

NoPixel is believed to cost $10,000 or more a month to run and maintain.

The fan reaction to xQc's explanation was mixed, with some speculating that the move to grant him part ownership was more of a strategic business decision rather than a creative one. Critics argued that it was an attempt to save NoPixel from dwindling popularity and maintain its reputation.

Regardless of his passionate and, at times, erratic role-playing, xQc's desire to see NoPixel thrive appears genuine. His decision to remain hands-off in the server's administration, despite his ownership, is a testament to his wish to maintain a balanced gaming environment.

However, some fans believe xQc's influence on the server could be more significant than he claims. As an owner, even his offhand comments about players could potentially sway decisions about player bans.

xQc only revealed in May that he's part owner of NoPixel.

The controversy over xQc's part ownership and his approach demonstrates the evolving landscape of online gaming and streaming. While the allegations and responses continue to swirl, the streamer's actions in the coming months will likely play a key role in shaping NoPixel's future.

In his words, there is "stuff that is so insane, I can't even talk about it," suggesting that the gaming community may have exciting developments to look forward to.

In the meantime, GTA Online players still have time to check out all the latest goodies as part of the latest update. A new update is expected to arrive tomorrow, July 27.


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  1. @raspberryrebel,
    I didn't know much about him prior to this but the more I read and learn, yeah he seems like he is a pretty trash person if you ask me.

  2. @MeteorMuffin23,
    I said this when he was getting big. The dude is also a hypocrite. I don't know why people are fans of his.

  3. xQc is a liar and is shady. I never liked him. I always felt like he was being disingenuous about a lot of things. I for one believe he played a direct role in all of this. He is petty as hell too. Don't let him kid you.

  4. Of course he will deny it even if he did get involved. I would do the same! lmao

    But let's be real here, at least half the people out there talking about this are not going to believe him either way.

  5. I was part of this server ones and got kicked. I don't know what I did either. I think someone just didn't like me. So yeah, he probably got some people kicked from it lol

  6. The move for partial ownership does seem sus. It seems really to be a business move more than anything else like the article mentioned. That is what I thought when I looked into it more.

  7. @joystickJunkie,
    I am thinking the same thing. He has a history of some shady happenings in the gaming world. I mean he could have not directly had a hand but could have easily influenced the outcome.

  8. What is it with guys named Felix being controversial? LOL

    I was going to make a thread about this. I am not so sure there is no involvement, no matter what he says.

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