The Vapid Dominator ASP Now Available In GTA Online

It's a new week and that means a new car in Grand Theft Auto Online as the latest selection of bonuses and new content hits the streets. It's been a while since the launch of Los Santos Tuners, but the waves it's making are still coming in hot. Alongside the new car, there are also discounts and bonuses waiting for fans.

Aug Bonuses

This latest vehicle joining the extensive roster is a record breaking muscle car that could quickly rise to the top of the current meta in the racing world. The Vapid Dominator ASP is a retro version of the Dominator we all know and love, drawing on older models from the same real-world manufacturers the design of the newer version is based on. You can get your own for GTA$ 1,775,000, or if you unlock the trade price option it'll only be GTA$ 1,331,250.

Aug Bonuses


You still have time to visit the LS Car Meet, become a member and grind out that reputation before the August 18 deadline of earning free goodies by doing so. On top of all that, you can unlock a free Obey Tee this week by winning any Street Race Series race all week long.

Speaking of the Street Race Series, you ought to be burning rubber on the familiar pavements of Los Santos anyway, since all races in this category are paying out double GTA$ and RP. Keep in mind that you need to be an LS Car Meet member to participate.

Being a member also gives you access to the Test Track, and the chance to win a free Prize Ride by completing the challenge. This week, your goal is the Annis ZR350, which isn't anything to sneeze at. Meanwhile, you can take the Dinka RT3000, Vapid Dominator ASP and next week's Emperor Vectre for a spin around the Test Track too.

Aug Bonuses

With all of this content focusing on putting players behind wheels, it's understandable if you'd want to take your foot off the pedal and wrap your finger around a trigger for a change. All Survival maps are rewarding players with double rewards, while Business Battles are paying out triple.

If you want to go somewhere with no roads, the Lucky Wheel prize vehicle this week will get you there - spin the wheel for the chance to win a Canis Seminole Frontier. If you don't, you can always pick up the Lampadati Tigon, Mammoth Squaddie or RO-86 Alkonost for 30% off. The Vapid Ellie and Grotti Itali GTO are also 40% off this week.

Aron Gerencser
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